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From the United States-beyond whitening

日期: 2016-01-26
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Q: My teeth whitening fit it?

A: Virtually every person would like to have white teeth can enjoy BEYOND teeth whitening treatment brings surprising results. This includes general exogenous pigment teeth ( coffee, tea stains , smoke stains deposited ) in the light of poison tetracycline , dental fluorosis , drug-induced discolored teeth , hereditary yellow teeth .

Q: Can I change more white teeth ?

A: Clinical trials show that teeth whitening technology , the effect can be increased 5-14 VITA Levels . Each person’s results will depend on their original tooth color and personal circumstances, eventually you’ll have a bright, white teeth.

Q: How long can maintain the whitening effect ?

A: The length of time to keep personal eating habits and tooth structure is different, generally keep about two years.

Q : And what are the advantages compared to other whitening ?

A: The technology from the United States , its advantage lies in its ability to achieve immediate whitening effect , no side effects , no damage to the teeth , whitening effect best .

Q: How long the whitening process ?

A: As long as 30-40 minutes, stained teeth over the years magically wiped out . Spend time with your haircut, manicure or drink tea or less the same time , it is so simple.

Q: Is it safe ?

A : BEYOND teeth whitening technique is absolutely safe. Low temperature cold , completely avoid the operation of the tooth nerve discomfort , hydrophilic drugs and completely without touching the gums whitening process will not cause any damage to the teeth.

Q: My teeth whitening only need again?

A: Most people , once treatment can achieve satisfactory results. For people with darker pigment individual teeth , need more than one treatment. On the basis of the whitening effect can last some improvement .

Q: Does it hurt ?

A: Generally , BEYOND teeth whitening process technology will not cause pain. Only a handful of people may have mild discomfort after treatment , can disappear in a short time . The proposed treatment to avoid hot or cold within 24 hours.

Q: What is to be done after attention ?

A: After treatment within 24 hours , it is easy to re- infected tooth colored material , must avoid drinking tea, coffee , cola , red wine , berries beverages, edible dark colored mouthwash and food, etc. , try to avoid smoking .

Q: This whitening method it safe ?

A : Beyond teeth whitening technique is absolutely safe. Low temperature cold , completely avoid the discomfort of hydrophilic drugs and no contact gums whitening process during the operation of the tooth nerve stimulation triggered , will not cause any damage to teeth and enamel .

Q: Will porcelain veneers or effect ?

A: All porcelain teeth whitening methods or veneers and tooth root canal treatment did not have good results , consult a dentist in order to get the best treatment options.


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