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The four problems of the old teeth and prevention method

日期: 2016-01-26
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People often say: the person old first teeth, so a lot of the old man doesn’t see tooth seriously.But the who to make the target for the old man is: to 80 years old, must be at least 20 teeth.In fact, it’s not difficult to achieve this goal, as long as to learn the correct method of tooth.On September 20, 2008 is the 20th "national love teeth day", the theme of "focus on the elderly oral health".For this reason, this edition is invited experts, put forward a concrete suggestion to the elderly oral health.

The world health organization in 2001 for the elderly teeth care goal: at the age of 80, at least 20 teeth to chew properly.But in our country, in June of this year, the ministry of health announced the third national oral health epidemiological investigation, according to the results of 65-74 - year - old old people, the caries prevalence rate is as high as 98.4%, periodontal health rate 14.1%;Have teeth missing 86.1%, the average remaining teeth number is 20.97.

To this, experts say, gingival recession, root exposures in older adults is currently the main oral health problems.

Caries sick seriously.Dental caries incidence is given priority to with bacteria, the old man because of increased root exposure, leading to higher incidence of root caries.In addition, the residual root and crown is the most serious performance the elderly cavities.

Tooth defect and abrasion.The earliest permanent teeth ShiMeng out 6 years old, if an 80 - year - old didn’t drop the tooth, is used for 74 years.After such a long time, plus some brushing method is not correct, even teeth hard again, also hard to avoid can have defect and abrasion.Protect teeth, therefore, must first specification methods: brushing your teeth with a soft toothbrush;Morning and evening to brush your teeth every day;Using fluoride toothpaste;Rinse your mouth after the meal;Use the toothpick floss, etc.

Periodontal disease.Although periodontal disease is not a "patent" in the elderly, but its incidence than other age groups.Such as some people are born just never wash teeth, over time, plaque is piling up, the risk of periodontal disease becomes more and more high.

Incidence of oral cancer.The expert reminds, the oral cavity are common in the elderly, if there are sharp residual roots and residual crowns and bad repair body repeatedly bitten by months can’t cheek, tongue or oral ulcer healing, etc., should be promptly to the hospital.

In addition to the above problems, wedge-shaped defects, oral mucosa disease also affects the oral health of the elderly in our country.Expert proposal, in order to achieve the objectives of the world health organization as soon as possible, at least to do:

1. Stick to the correct brushing habits.

2. Go to a hospital checking every six months to 1 year, especially in the bleeding gums, hot and cold pain or chew toothache, want to go to a doctor immediately.

3. The teeth less is to be treasured.A lot of the elderly in the remaining few teeth, the trouble would pull out all the teeth denture.Actually, to retain the natural teeth can not only avoid the absorption of alveolar bone, also can improve the stability of the dentures and chewing function.

In addition, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, proper "knock tooth" and a "tongue" is a good way to oral health."Knocking" is the upper and lower teeth "fight", in the morning and once every day, every time 15;A "tongue" is refers to with the tongue in the mouth are rolled back, promote the secretion of saliva, to prevent dry mouth mucosal has certain effect.In dietary respect, old people should eat less sweet food, the pap.


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