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Nest groove closed

日期: 2016-01-26
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Nest fissure sealing groove closed is also called point gap (pit and fissure sealant), refers to not remove tooth occlusal surface body tissue, on which the coating a layer of resin bonding, protect the enamel from bacteria and metabolites, strengthen tooth decay resistance, so as to prevent caries disease of a kind of effective method methods.Nest channel blocking agent to form a layer of protective barrier, prevent bacteria and food scraps into the nest groove, and the pit groove under the original cut off bacteria for nutrition and dying, to prevent the happening of the nest fissure caries, still can make early caries damage of stop developing.

What people need groove closed nest?What time is suitable for groove closed nest?

1, generally speaking, nest deep groove, especially be stuck probe (including suspicious caries);

2, the other patients with teeth, especially for lateral teeth caries or has a tendency to suffer from caries should do nest groove closed;

3, after the children’s teeth eruption to the occlusal plane which is suitable for groove nest closed, generally appear within four years.

4, enclosed is the best time: milk molars 3-4 years old, the first permanent molar 6 to 7 years old, and the second molars 11-13, double teeth 9-13.The disabled children of poor oral hygiene, although older or teeth eruption mouth for a long time, can consider to relax groove closed age.

Groove - nest closed method is very simple, through clean teeth, acid corrosion, washing drying, coating and sealing agent and curing several steps to complete.After curing materials closely bonded with the walls, and has certain chewing pressure resistance, to fine to eat, and, after curing material non-toxic, harmless to the human body.But are to be highlighted nest mouth should be professional, need the necessary instruments and equipment.Nest mouth there is blocking agent can complete a mark of success, suspicious wear but can’t fall off, so you need to check regularly, if material loss must be closed again.

1, indications;Nest ditch special deep, especially can play into the probe, other teeth especially for lateral teeth with dental caries, or has its tendency.

2, the indications;Nest of tooth surface without deep groove point gap, self-cleaning effect is good, with more caries in the loss of teeth appear more than 4 years without caries, tooth has not normal eruption, covered by the gum. Patient not cooperative, have finished filling the tooth.

Groove close postoperative considerations

1, within days after found sealed teeth bite too high or pain when eating, please timely follow-up visit.

2, postoperative find enclosed material loss or partial loss, please return.

3, every 6 months or 12 months after review once, in order to found the problem, handle in time.


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