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How much do you know about correctional tooth

日期: 2016-01-26
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Correctional tooth q.1 correctional tooth the historical origin of many patients do not understand why the orthodontic tooth sometimes also need to pull out, and these teeth are healthy teeth, one seems very pity.Because the hesitation of tooth extraction, often interfere with the choice of orthotics program, eventually make correct result is not ideal.

Correctional tooth problem 2, oral doctor seriously each cavity filling, one thousand to save the tooth pulp, sometimes even a root, they fix the missing teeth to keep complete denture.But in correct, sometimes to pull out a few completely healthy teeth, patients often can not its solution.In fact, never tooth orthodontics also experienced the historical evolution of the tooth.

Correctional tooth problem 3, in orthodontic beginning stage, orthodontic doctors of predecessors is out of the tooth, but they found that for some wrong jaw treatment on helpless, and some great effort aligned teeth quickly recurrence.The first tooth extraction rectification is Australian doctor begg, he ushered in a new era of modern orthodontics.Tooth correctional on many previous orthodontic doctors could do nothing wrong micromaxillary deformity can perfectly treatment, so doctors often confused: does the creator make nature harmonious and just make human teeth are not harmonious?

Correctional tooth question 4, Dr Begg research native Australia’s skull, found that tooth abrasion is very serious, but each row of teeth very neatly.Dr Begg wear done in-depth research on native teeth, he thought the teeth in the jaw, abrasion make periodontal diameter smaller, to reduce the amount of total tooth, abrasion of masticatory force to stimulate the development of jaw, increased bone mass, so to coordinate the relationship between them.The original creator gives human tooth abrasion quantity has had with the ratio.But modern people’s diet culture has great changes have taken place, jaw muscles at the same time there is no longer the ancients so heavy load.And the teeth is due to more sophisticated food lack of abrasion.Degradation can’t synchronize with skeletal muscle, teeth.Such a pair of teeth in the not too wide jaw line doesn’t open, not neat or heavy, or go up.Creator continued efforts, degradation and other individual teeth shortage of wisdom teeth gradually see more, just this rate than jaw bone, muscle degeneration as quickly.To coordinate the relationship between the two, improve the tooth shape of maxillofacial, orthodontic doctors often need to pull out some unimportant teeth get clearance adjustment.

Correctional tooth problem 5, orthodontic treatment only in the case of a tooth is greater than the amount of bone considering tooth extraction rectification, generally is also less pull out as much as possible, moreover, make neat teeth, tooth correction teeth to close tightly, will not affect the function of teeth and jaw, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.We don’t have any reason to cooperate with doctor?

Correctional tooth problem 6, tooth will affect the long-term health of the teeth some old people put forward "hair teeth, by the parents," in this modern society, can laugh it off.However, the public in general how many tooth bit psychological fear, tooth pain?After tooth extraction of oral function is bad?A few millimeters of tooth clearance can not shut down, etc.


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