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Explaining "dental implants" - the most comprehensive dental implants are introduced

日期: 2016-01-26
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No repair physical entirely replace your original teeth, but as a result of illness or accident and lost teeth, so in all kinds of repair methods, dental implants should be a better choice (especially in other conventional repair methods when the effect not beautiful).Realistic imitation of natural teeth, it can restore most of chewing function, better retention, more comfortable, no plastic soft, remove a clean without daily trival.

Dental implants are the metal implants (root) inserted in the alveolar bone under the gums, usually using titanium alloy implants, it has good biological compatibility, can with the surrounding bone formation like real fang root and alveolar bone, very stable.Then the doctor on implant PFM crown repair, if necessary, can consider accepting your gums forming operation, in order to perfect aesthetic effect of soft tissue.

Implant prosthesis to the implant bone graft by surgical means, so want to take to grow to repair the patient’s general condition was better, on the body caused by trauma, can tolerate such procedures should have enough bone to support implants, have good gum, to obtain good aesthetic effect.Sometimes need some preparation before planting surgery to get better conditions of hard and soft tissue, such as the bottom of the maxillary sinus lift, gum, alveolar ridge elevated bone graft, bone compression and inferior alveolar nerve free surgery to create the best operation conditions.

If you want to grow tooth repair treatment, you should consult a dentist and receive detailed and systematic inspection, to confirm whether you is suitable for planting.At the same time higher treatment costs, up to one year in the course of continuous (usually once a month) to return on time and in accordance with the requirement to maintain oral hygiene should be accept before planting in full consideration.It is worth mentioning that if patients and nursing properly, the plant restoration can be used more than five years, this is to make both doctor and patient a satisfactory curative effect.

1, what’s in the process of plant operation is not comfortable?

Modern anesthetic techniques and good postoperative nursing measures can make the patient’s discomfort to a minimum.About 10 days inside the mouth the wound to heal.Healing period, the need to pay attention to the wound area clean and avoid to chew hard objects in time, many patients feel the discomfort of implant surgery is more lighter than tooth.

About how long it will take 2, plant repair process?

Depending on the type of implant and the upper part of the type of restoration, the total time can be only a few weeks, and could take several months.Typically take 6 to 12 months.If necessary bone graft or combined with other treatments, even longer.The doctor will clear with you.

3, dental implants will like real teeth strong and durable?

Research has shown that many dental implants is actually much more stable than real teeth.Denture than activities, research has shown that dental implants received 100% of the masticatory efficiency of recovery.Patients with dental implants, missing teeth can finally eat their former dare not to eat food, enjoy the pleasure of food life.But it is worth noting that due to the lack of items around the implant as rich natural tooth nerve endings receptors, so in time more easily damaged by abnormal masticatory force, thereby in a certain point of view affects the service life of the implant.

4, dental implants expensive?

Dental implant cost depends on the number and type of implant dental implants and implant restoration of the above types.For example, the cost of a dental implant is approximately the price of fixed bridge repair, but fixed prosthesis bridge to grind for retention, in addition to the nearby healthy teeth and dental implants don’t need to).Of course, such as bone graft or combined with other treatment costs even more.As for the specific cost, different areas have different, detailed pricing can consult your local oral cavity planting the doctor.

In short, the cost of implant prosthesis is usually higher.But after the implant prosthesis bring you on the face of change, chewing efficiency, thus bring the whole confidence improves, for a life in today’s modern, undoubtedly, it will be your all involved in investment in the most significant one.

5, planting repair success rate how many?

Dental implant technology since 1950 to carry out the application, due to the progress of medicine and material science, the success rate has been improved.Currently in five years the success rate for clinical evaluation criterion, dental implant success rate can reach 93% or more, and believe that the future will further increase.

6, accept the plant repair patients need to be hospitalized?

Most dental implant surgery part can be covered by local anesthesia in the outpatient ordinary dental chair.If necessary, can be supplemented by preoperative oral or intravenous sedation drugs to control tension, eliminate fear of surgery, the outpatient surgery more smoothly.Of course, there are some cases need to be hospitalized, if necessary bone graft or implant more and physical conditions and poor patients.Under the condition of the hospital, they can get better care, disease changes can also be found in time and processing.

7, the plant repair for me?

Typically, a day can accept regular teeth and dental surgery of healthy people can consider planting repair.As some special patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, uncontrolled heart disease and high blood pressure, blood disease, osteoporosis and oral cancer need radiotherapy in patients with postoperative discomfort and immediately accept the implant prosthesis.In addition, smoking and binge drinking, unable to maintain good oral health condition of patients is unfavorable also.But it should be pointed out that cultivation of denture is not limited by age, so, many elderly patients suffering from lack of tooth finally can also share the benefits of the success of planting denture technology.In a word, a dentist to your physical condition to conduct a comprehensive evaluation, to make a plan for your treatment.

Eight, after planting nail implantation can be temporary repair?

Implant and the surrounding bone tissue after implantation of bone combined with time is about 3 months and 6 months.During this time, try to avoid any interference of bone tissue repair area weight body, make the implant quietly through this period of bone integration period, which is beneficial to the stability of the implant in the future.So it is generally believed had better not make temporary restoration.


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