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Correct selection of dental implants

日期: 2016-01-26
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For one function tooth whether people can grow?Oral hospital affiliated to zhejiang university school of medicine, said professor Zhao Shifang dental implants is the real meaning of artificial root planting, plant root is also a surgery.So, some poor body condition, people can’t tolerate surgery is not root grow.Such as cardiovascular disease, heavy diabetes, bad habits of tumor, and so on, especially the endocrine dysfunction, abnormal bone metabolism, and a high level with chemotherapy, hormone and anticoagulants on bone mineralization xie and integration during the influential drug, dental implant surgery.Local gum inflammation and an inflammation of the teeth will affect nearby the conformity of the plant root, even cause the failure of surgery.In addition to these, the surgeon will also by shooting to understanding of alveolar bone height and width.Because when the alveolar bone too narrow, the cultivation of root can’t completely buried in the bone tissue, affect the integration between root and the surrounding tissue, thus affect the fastness of the root.If alveolar bone too shallow, the alveolar plant may damage the inferior alveolar nerve root.

Dental implants, after all, is different with the original own teeth when use to nurture, not too hard at ordinary times, in order to avoid dental implants is unable to clean, generally it every 3 months must please dental doctor fixed screw cleaning, when can be cleaned by dental implants every six months to 1 year must also to check to the hospital.

General dental implants can be used many years, is that many people who want to dental implant surgery urgently to understand the situation.In developed countries, the dental implant surgery people urgent to understand the situation.In developed countries, the dental implant surgery utilization rate more than 90% in 5 years, 10 years utilization rate is around 85%.Dental implant operation was a success and, of course, use fixed number of year is associated with many factors.Root material choice, have a larger impact on root of fixation.Personnel technical proficiency, followed by surgery, and surgery doctors for a comprehensive understanding of the related subjects.Is also related to the patient’s individual situation.


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