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The artificial dental implants

日期: 2016-01-26
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Q: what is the artificial implant?

Answer: pure titanium dental implants are precision of computer design, manufacturing to the root of the cylinder, via the jaw bone implant surgery, after three or four months later, after artificial root and jaw closed on artificial root bridge made again.Because human root deeply in the teeth, bone, don’t need through the power of natural teeth can have under normal chewing power, functionality and aesthetics on almost as well as natural tooth, therefore has become the main situation of treatment.

Q: I was wondering if I can do artificial implant?

Answer: yes, as long as you can make tooth small operation, you can accept this kind of technology, but the most important consideration is the width and height of alveolar bone, if the width of the bone graft surgery, height is not enough to do first if you have other oral disease, periodontal disease, for example, would probably have to do to implant treatment.In addition, there are heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or other diseases of the blood are not suitable for dental implants.

Q: implant treatment need often return visit?Frequency will be high?

Answer: the implant during and return visit frequency depends on the dental implant position if there is to do bone ridge broadening and there are different, generally if the bone is normal, return visit frequency is not very high, normal procedures for: implant after the next review the wound, take out stitches after two weeks, during medication and keep the wound clean to prevent infection mouth with mouthwash.Periodically to check for a month, after the third month in order to do the second surgery (if choose 2 times an implant way) from the tooth column, dental wax printed after two weeks, about 5 ─ seven days to be able to be finished with teeth.After a return visit regularly, respectively is: put teeth after the first week, the first month, 3 months, follow-up every six months.

Question: what is the advantage of dental implants?

A: can make artificial root of alveolar bone and artificial denture solid and close connection, can solve part of the activity dentures or full mouth activities the shortcoming of insufficient solid or comfortable, especially the artificial implant supported fixed dentures, can make you have close to real as the appearance of the teeth, like chewing and swallowing function;This new technology of dental implant, of course, there are other benefits, such as increased activity denture solid strength, does not get loose activities while eating or talking false teeth...Second, due to the similar nature structure, he will make you forget the existence of false, increase your confidence, solve your tooth, can make your natural speaking, eating, solve your heart on the kind of discomfort wearing dentures.

Q: can you tell me exactly how to implement the artificial implant?

Answer: artificial implant is basically just a small dental clinic operation, on the basis of many of the people who had the experience, thought and feeling is the same as the tooth, actually only is to make you less a tooth, tooth extraction;And implant is compensate for your missing teeth, this design of dental implant is similar to real teeth root department is inserted in the alveolar bone, wait until the alveolar bone and implant after tight joint, you can start to make the false teeth, it is conceivable that this make dentures are better than no root is much better.The artificial tooth planting around to three to six months later, you can start to make the false teeth, think about it, people grow a tooth takes about two years, and a tooth for three to six months.

Q: artificial implant durable?How long can use fixed number of year is?

Answer: the invention of artificial implant from the 60 s, technology is already very mature, so the success rate and durability were quite high, according to the research of the Swedish scholars, thousands of the patients with dental implants, under normal use, after twenty to thirty years, only a handful of people need to pull out, these artificial root is also a very reliable lack of dental treatment.Because the artificial implant is very similar to real teeth, so just be oral hygiene and regular inspection, physical fitness to maintain time implants can like real teeth for a long time.

Q: what is the cost of artificial implant?

Answer: the cost of the implant is in each tooth deficiency situation varies, the more out of, embedded teeth also, the more cost will also increase, of course, god gives us the teeth is a jewel of great price, and we planted artificial teeth if can replace real teeth, I want to tangible money price should be less important.

Q: what should adopt artificial implant?

A: artificial implant can be applicable range is very wide, relatively common has the following conditions:

1. Single missing tooth: does not need to wear on both sides of the real teeth, single after dental implant implantation, with similar real teeth porcelain tooth set of recovery.

More than 2. Missing teeth: more than dental implant after implantation, as a pillar, with links to the real teeth or other dental implant, in order to make fixed denture.

3. The whole mouth tooth deficiency: 1) more than dental implant after implantation, as a pillar, with two to four dental implant fixation, to make cover denture.

More than 2) after dental implant implantation, as a pillar, with six or more dental implant fixation, to make the fixed denture/can be removed from type activities.Q: how to maintain after implementation of dental implants?

Answer: need regular maintenance.Is like buying a car, you need to let your dentist regularly to do maintenance work, in general, about three to six months for a dental implant surrounding tissue maintenance, daily maintenance work, at home will need the same way as periodontal tissue maintenance, maintenance tools including soft toothbrush, general dental floss, dental floss, tooth brush.When necessary, can use a flat or tapered brush electric toothbrush.Purpose is to make to maintain clean and healthy around dental implant.


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