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The types and application of KaoCiYa

日期: 2016-01-26
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KaoCiYa is the best fit, the color effect is the most realistic dental restoration.

In 1950, the study made with low melting porcelain and gold alloy joint restoration success, in 1977, our country began to develop non-noble metal and porcelain restoration.

Divided into metal and non metal PFM PFM restoration.

Ceramometal refers to making metallic in the champions league first, as a support, on the surface with natural tooth-colored porcelain powder recovery after tooth shape, similar in vacuum porcelain furnace bake, make porcelain and metal alloy fusion form KaoCiYa crown.Metal KaoCiYa metal crowns the intensity is high, it is porcelain skeleton, porcelain has a natural tooth color and texture.With porcelain cover the metal surface, can make up the defects of metal color, fully embodies the natural tooth color and shape, and porcelain with gum has good biocompatibility without causing gingivitis.

Ceramometal divided into precious metals and non-noble PFM two technologies.

Precious metals within the metal porcelain crown is usually contains the valuable metals such as gold, palladium.It has two advantages: one is color, especially porcelain tooth and gum contact place is beautiful, generally do not appear the phenomenon such as green, grey,The second is the combination of ceramic and metal is better, there are few collapsed, the disadvantage is that the cost is higher.The main use of the back teeth.

Non-noble PFM is usually on the nickel-chromium alloy PFM.Its advantage is lower cost, the disadvantage is that the edge fit is poorer, frequently occur in contact with the gum side a blue, grey line, slightly affect beautiful, occasionally have collapsed phenomenon, in the European and American countries, has been basically eliminated non-noble PFM.

No ceramometal

No means KaoCiYa metal crown, belongs to the whole porcelain tooth, mainly appears in the late 80 s, in 1996, and successfully developed super ceramic composite fiber bridge technology.Due to the effect of porcelain strength, is now mainly used for making single porcelain crowns or anterior tooth veneers repair to improve appearance.Such as tetracycline teeth, discolored teeth beauty, such as dead pulp teeth in the near future, all porcelain restoration will gradually replace metal porcelain.

Metal ceramic metal ion can produce adverse reaction to human body, such as gum black, bleeding gums, shrinking;And should be the metal in the champions league, pervious to light, color and shape and natural tooth is put in bigger difference, more can produce the effect of the "grey" under the lights.So the oral medical has been trying to change this state.Popular now international oral cavity field is a kind of no metal inside the crown of the latest KaoCiYa - all porcelain tooth.

All ceramic application because of its excellent performance in some developed countries is quite widespread, also is the first choice for patients with restorative materials.Its superior performance in:

1. The gum edge no black line, no sense, no swollen gums bleeding, let you really feel KaoCiYa come from your gums steadily.

2. Match the real teeth pervious to light quality, there is no longer under the lights of the "blue tooth" embarrassment.

3. Comparable to those of metal KaoCiYa compressive strength, need not worry completely porcelain cracking phenomenon.

4. No harmful metal ion exudation affect your health.

5. Grinding is less, more to keep their teeth organization.

There are many systems all porcelain tooth, clinical has the following kinds of the most commonly used at present

1. Casting porcelain second generation Empress system, Degudeng system, suitable for front teeth cosmetic repair, tetracycline tooth to cover the repair and replacement of traditional fillings inlay repair.

2. CERCON system: suitable for repair of posterior teeth, missing teeth more bridge repair.

The whole porcelain tooth with its more humanized design is accepted by more and more patients, but the operation doctor technology and experience is also high.Now d jas dental has returned from overseas, for many years, all kinds of porcelain restoration system make the rich clinical experience of professional doctor metrics for you customize to fit your face shape and color of personality and beautiful teeth, make you healthy smile more brilliant.

KaoCiYa scope of application:

A, tooth repair after treatment: dental pulp after treatment is easy to cause tooth discoloration, feeding off and on teeth fracture, the selecting PFM crown prosthesis can be avoided.

After missing tooth: after pulling teeth, teeth before and after the use of doing retainer teeth, coupled with lack of tooth will be joined together several KaoCiYa crown, cementation on the retention of teeth, it can be inserted after missing teeth.

Three, correctional teeth dysplasia: such as too small teeth, tooth gap width, the individual teeth not neat, not congruent, enamel development after PFM restoration can put teeth morphology, color back to the ideal state.

Four, discolored teeth beauty, such as tetracycline teeth, dental fluorosis, dead pulp teeth, etc.


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