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Periodontal disease is what?

日期: 2016-01-26
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Periodontal disease is happened in gingival and periodontal membrane and alveolar bone and teeth support organization a slow, progressive destruction of the disease, can affect the most tooth and even whole.The disease does not have a symptom more early, late will appear loose teeth, periodontal overflow pus and periodontal abscess lesions, dentition defect or missing teeth, chewing organ in the loss of integrity and destroy its function.In addition, it also can be infected lesions, cause the lesion of other organs, affect the body health.

Periodontal disease including periodontitis and occlusal trauma, periodontosis and periodontal atrophy.In the medium and the elderly periodontitis is extremely rare, and increased with age, the number of people suffering from the disease and its severity also gradually increased.

Cause: always longer and more severe than gingivitis to stimulate local factors, such as scale and soft plaque accumulation, poor oral hygiene, food, microbial activities, such as bad repair body, the body resistance under the condition of increasing downward or pathogenic factors, all can lead to periodontitis.In addition, the occurrence of systemic factors of periodontitis sometimes development plays a certain role.Because these systemic factors reducing the resistance to local factors and repair periodontal support can force, so that the original can’t lesions caused by local factors, can become pathogenic factors.Systemic disease to increase the severity of the occurrence of periodontitis and plays a promoting role.

Clinical manifestation: first is swollen gums, bleeding, this is the patient can feel subjectively and observed.Followed by periodontal pocket formation, the doctor check is needed to find, but patients can also be found gum, gum bleeding, overflow pus, edge gums and teeth separation, even loose teeth, elongation, shift, and feel gum pain and bad breath.Loose teeth is a sign of tooth periarthritis has become serious.Also can cause gum back with periodontitis.People with periodontal disease should be looking for a dental doctor as early as possible to make a diagnosis and give treatment.


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