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Family oral health guidance

日期: 2016-01-26
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According to the following instructions on how to do, you and your family can have healthy teeth and gums with life.As parents, you can and children together, help them to understand why good oral care is important - and show them the right way to do that!!!

Four steps, let you have a bright smile

1. The use of fluoride toothpaste, brush your teeth at least twice a day, especially after breakfast and before bedtime.

2. The floss your teeth every day.

3. Limit the number of eating snacks every day.

4. The dentist regularly.

Guide your family, have good oral health, it is easy.This is just some of the right information needed and a bit of practice, has been in the right direction to let them!

In this section, we will learn about the following contents:

How to brush your teeth

How to use dental floss your teeth

Fluoride, family the best protection

In your guide the family has a bright smile in the process of life, fluoride is the best guard you can find the methods of hole!It can make all the family members stay strong teeth - regardless of their age.

The mechanism of the fluoride

Every day, tooth enamel is attacked by plaque to produce all kinds of acid.These acids can make teeth becomes weak, lead to tooth decay.

This time you will need to use fluoride.When the fluoride to your teeth, will be absorbed into the enamel, can help repair tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay.Fluoride can also help prevent tooth decay process.

How to get the fluoride

You can get the benefits of fluoride from different parts.It will work on the outside of the teeth, can also play from inside the body.For best results, you need a combination!At home, you and your family should brush your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, especially after breakfast and before bed.

Snacks and dental caries

If fluoride is our best guards of the prevention of dental caries, so often eat snacks are the biggest enemy of teeth.You and your family every day is facing the challenge of the snack temptation.Here is what you must understand:

It is important that the number of eating snacks

The fact is that your family snack time and frequency is more important than what kind of snacks to eat.This is associated with "plaque reaction", it is such an impact:

Plaque reaction

Everyone has a plaque bacteria in the mouth.But when these plaque encounter with sugar and starch, plaque, produce acid, it happened "plaque attack".Sugar and starch can be found in some snacks, such as cookies, candy, dried fruit, non-alcoholic beverages, even found in potato chips and pretzels.

As most of you eat snacks contain sugar or starch, can produce acid to plaque opportunity."Plaque hit" every time after you finish eating snacks will lasts for 20 minutes.In this period of time, will hit the enamel plaque acid, make its become fragile.So, caries begins!

Resist the plaque

The good news is that you can resist plaque!Brush my teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, decrease The Times of daily snack you and your family can prevent dental caries.When it comes to snacks, it is best to choose a few nutritious snacks, and restraint.Also, it is best to eat all the snacks!The reason is: a eat five snacks, let your teeth caries risk of erosion time for about 20 minutes.Five snacks, but also a bite to eat five times, may be will make your teeth caries erosion for about 100 minutes.How much of a difference!

You also need to pay attention to the baby sweet!

Infants and older children and adults, susceptible to tooth decay.In fact, early childhood caries could become a very serious problem.More details, please see the below part of early childhood caries prevention.

Dental check

The way on the way to the bright smile in your family, a dentist is your companions.To arrange for all family members to see a dentist regularly.Child to the dentist for the first time time shall be conducted before he or she is three years old.

Children’s early dental children will have a positive experience in dental health.

Tip: first of all, when you go to the dentist, and bring your toddler child.In this way, dental clinic becomes a family place.

Dental check: what are the projects

Fluoride treatment:

The dentist could give children a jellylike special fluoride, in order to make their teeth become strong.The jellylike substance on a child can into the mouth of the plate, let a child with a few minutes, the fluoride to the teeth.Children can feel the smell is very good!

Dental sealants:

This is after the dentist for solid tooth (molar) of a thin layer of plastic protection.To be embedded into the grooves on the surface of the teeth chewing, food and bacteria