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Nutrition and oral health

日期: 2016-01-26
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What is the proper nutrition?

Proper nutrition is to point to a balanced diet, so that your body can get nutrients in order to ensure the healthy and need.Your body every day in the self-renewal, generate new muscle, bone, skin and blood.The food you eat organization provides the foundation for the construction of these new substances.If in your diet, nutrient content is lower than the body needs, then your mouth will be more difficult to fight off infection.

If children’s dietary disequilibrium, so their teeth may not be able to develop properly.In order to make the children have a strong and resistant to corrosion of the teeth, they need to contain calcium, phosphorus, balanced diet and a moderate amount of fluoride.

What are the different types of nutrients?

A balanced diet consists of the following nutrients:

• some carbohydrates

• essential fatty acids in fat (containing)

•the essential amino acids in proteins (containing)

15 kinds of vitamin,

• about twenty-five kinds of minerals

• water

Because our bodies cannot generate all the nutrients we need, especially certain kinds of vitamin, so we have to get them from food or supplements.The United States department of agriculture suggested general people eat the following food every day:

• 6 to 11 guest breads and cereals

• 3 to 5, vegetables

• 2 to 4 guest fruit

• 2 to 3 guest dairy products

• 2 to 3 guest meat, poultry, fish, eggs, beans and nuts

Why proper diet is very important?

Improper diet can cause gum disease and tooth decay.Foods rich in carbohydrates, sugar and starch was able to produce a large number of plaque acid, it will erode tooth enamel.Ultimately, the acid can lead to tooth enamel dissolves, thus forming a cavity.

If you have to eat foods high in sugar or starch, managed to dinner time, rather than between meals to eat such food, and avoid eating any sticky food from the teeth (these food can form more plaque).Most of the food can produce already contains acid composition, therefore, the less your teeth contact with these ingredients, erode tooth enamel plaque acid is less.In addition, when eating dinner, can increase the secretion of saliva, which helps to remove food from the mouth.


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