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What is the tartar/my teeth?

日期: 2016-01-26
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What is the tartar/my teeth?

Dental plaque, sometimes called tartar, refers to the teeth have hardened tartar very well.Dental plaque and the gum line around or below form, and gum tissue pain.The formation of dental calculus for tartar very well provided more sticky surface space, leading to more serious problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Tartar would threaten not only healthy teeth and gums, and at the same time also can cause the indecent appearance.Because the tartar porous, so easy to absorb the tartar very well.So if you often drink coffee, tea, or often smoke, must pay special attention to prevent dental plaque formation.

How to know whether there is a plaque to generate?

Unlike bacteria tartar very well this colorless layer, dental calculus is a kind of mineral aggregates, so if the above the gum line form, will be easier to find.Dental plaque formation is the most common sign teeth or gums yellow or brown.To diagnose whether suffering from dental plaque, and to remove tartar, the best way is to the dentist for help.

How to prevent dental plaque accumulation?

The right way to brush your teeth, especially use prevent tartar toothpaste, and dental floss your teeth, all of these to reduce dental plaque and tartar very well is very necessary.

Once the tartar formation, will try to keep clear of to the dentist or health experts for help.Remove tartar process called teeth.Scraping teeth, dental doctor or health experts may use special instrument to remove gum line below the teeth dental plaque


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