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What is tooth decay?

日期: 2016-01-26
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What is tooth decay?

Tooth decay is tooth decay.Tooth decay is largely influenced by our way of life, we eat what food, whether or not we pay attention to dental health, whether in our drinking water and toothpaste contains fluoride, these factors determine whether or not we will suffer from tooth decay.Whether or not tooth decay is easily influenced by genetic factors.

Tooth decay is more common in children, but adults will also suffer from tooth decay.Tooth decay types include:

• coronary tooth decay is the most common type, children and adults are likely to develop, coronal tooth decay usually lies between the chewing surfaces of the tooth or teeth.

• root tooth decay.Gum begins to decline with age, part of the root will be exposed.Root out the protection of the enamel, exposing parts is susceptible to decay.Multiple cavities usually appears around the packing and crowns.These parts easy to accumulate tartar very well, which can lead to tooth decay.

If adults dry mouth disease caused by insufficient production of saliva, the risk of tooth decay is big.Dry mouth may by disease, drugs, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, according to different reasons, may be temporary (last several days or months) or permanent.

Tooth decay is a very serious problem.If left unchecked, tooth decay can destroy tooth and destroys the central nervous, resulting in abscess, which is the local infection at the top of the root.Once the abscess formation, only by root canal therapy, surgical treatment or pulling teeth.

How to know if I have cavities?

Through the dentist, can diagnose whether suffering from cavities.Because of cavities in teeth formed beneath the surface, not visible to the naked eye.Eat contain carbohydrates, such as sugar and starch food, these carbohydrates consumed by the bacteria in the tartar very well, to produce the acid corrosion teeth.Go down for a long time, although teeth still intact, but the fact is that the enamel has started to decay.As the internal enamel decay to a certain extent, the tooth surface will be damaged, formation of tooth decay.

May form the part of the cavities in the cracks on the surface of the teeth chewing, the space between the teeth, and gum line near the area.But regardless of cavities in the areas where, before the tooth decay intensified, it is best to the dentist to check and confirm the part of the tooth decay, and treatment.

How to effectively prevent tooth decay?

Brush your teeth twice a day, and use dental floss your teeth every day, with the aim of clearance between teeth and gums offline tartar very well.

• to the dentist to check on a regular basis.Take precautions to avoid small problems.

, a well balance diet, eat less starchy and sugary foods.This food is best as a meal rather than snacks to eat, to minimize the tooth contact acid.

The use of fluoride toothpaste and other dental products.

• to ensure that children drinking water fluoride added.If you do not contain fluoride in drinking water, the dentist or pediatrician can provide you with fluoride added daily need drugs.


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