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Does what is orthodontic treatment?

"Orthodontic treatment" as the name implies is to correct root in the jaw position.Will have the problem of tooth arrangement cases such as dentition crowding, gap, protruding canine tooth column, upper and lower dentition outside before suddenly and violently, protruding upper and lower jaw, jaw teeth bite wrong...Using orthodontic appliances such as improving, make patient’s overall appearance and the function has ideal occlusal stability.

The following animation demo before and after orthodontic treatment for different angles


Does this process

Without braces invisible orthodontic technology, is the modern computer aided three dimensional diagnosis, rapid prototyping technology and new material product of perfect combination.Experts through the computer simulation of correcting process, with elastic transparent polymer materials for each process to produce a orthotics, patients in order to wear with this series of orthotics, so as to achieve the goal of orthodontic teeth.

Compared with the traditional orthotics, without braces stealth orthotics has the following advantages:

1. Beautiful: almost completely invisible, solved many patients to correct teeth was beautiful.

2. Comfortable, because do not use correction device, such as the braces, steel wire, the pain of the straightening process is greatly reduced.

3. Cleaning: oral hygiene is easy to maintain, avoided for correction and can lead to gingivitis, tooth demineralization, color and so on.

4. Convenient, can wear, do not affect social, diet, exercise, etc.


Does Invisalign implicit beauty

Invisalign implicit optimum beauty treatments include a series of change every two weeks a pair of braces stealth rectification device.Each correction is produced after precise calculation one by one in order to rectify your teeth to the ideal position step by step.Because your beauty Invisalign implicit optimal system is tailor made according to your teeth, treatment options and you and your dentist or that are designed jointly with the orthodontic doctors, you know that you will have a real dream smile.

If you want to have a perfect smile appearance, Invisalign implicit beauty is the answer.No other choice like Invisalign implicit optimum beauty system can let the problem solved.

Invisalign implicit optimal beauty is able to not affect your daily life under the premise of the best way to make you have a perfect smile.







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