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Common dental prevention and treatment of

By clinical examination and combined with the comprehensive methods such as X-ray, endoscope, dimension and dental for each client to establish a secret, safe, complete medical records, puts forward the reasonable diagnosis and treatment plan.General preventive oral health care, dental, tooth and denture fitted treatment services.


Regular inspection, regular cleaning

People dining, will leave a mark in the surface of teeth, brushing your teeth alone is difficult to wipe out;Some people did not attach enough importance to oral hygiene, making the plaque, pigment and other dental calculus breeding.Dental plaque is a major cause of periodontal disease, periodontal disease and, in turn, cause inflammation, bleeding gums and bad breath, severe cases can cause tooth is loose, shift, fall off.


"Cleaning" medical terms as "clean", "clean" means to get rid of the tooth surface bacteria and tartar, pigment, such as dental calculus, "governance" is its role in the treatment of periodontal disease.Cleaning can reduce symptoms of gingivitis and periodontitis, but cannot be cured.If you want to treat thoroughly, also should be after cleaning to specialized subject hospital for treatment.


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