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The whole porcelain restoration

Also called porcelain crowns, full ceramic is a kind of modern repair method for a tooth.It is at the site of the defect, missing tooth or teeth modification, with full porcelain as the kernel of support, and in its external use all porcelain to achieve similar with the color of the real teeth and the function of repair methods.Its characteristic is to resume the function of tooth form, bending force, high resistance to wear, deformation, color stability, resistance to acid and alkali.


The current clinical commonly used porcelain repair to roughly the following several types

1, all porcelain glaze porcelain veneers

If there is no large teeth defect, but colour and lustre is poor, it is recommended that you adopt this way of repair, can achieve perfect aesthetic effect.It is through the lip buccal teeth (toward the side outside) surface grinding evenly after a layer (about 1 mm) in addition to restoring teeth with special CiXing dental materials shape and color, because can precisely control the teeth color index, so the cosmetic effect is very good, wear resistance and teeth;

2, all porcelain crown

Grinding teeth all outside surface evenly in addition to a layer (about 1.0 1.5 mm), cover, with special ceramic materials will all the teeth to restore teeth appearance, functionality and aesthetics.


The attention of all ceramic items:

1, the whole porcelain tooth age between 20 to 60 years old, probably it will be before making the original tooth grinding very thin layer, because of juvenile permanent teeth is not fully developed, medullary cavity is wide, easy to hurt the pulp.In age, because involves the gingival recession, tooth is loose, the whole body condition, the influence of psychological factors, such as this to see specific situation is concerned, there are also some patients with severe coating, clenched, such as is not suitable for, of course, also depends on the specific situation.

2, a regular physician strict, standard, correct operation, design and production of the whole porcelain tooth, and within the mouth of use fixed number of year for: ordinary alloy PFM about 65% can be used more than 20 years;And making of the high-grade alloy porcelain tooth, so, it the life of the elderly can achieve life.

The price of the whole porcelain tooth, because of region, the level of hospital and porcelain of different types and there is a big difference.

D, dental and world-renowned Swedish Nobel Biocare, meticulously Procera ® Swedish computer full ceramic technology.


The whole porcelain tooth should be how to protect

The pressure of porcelain tooth stress range by more than it will broken porcelain, so don’t bite too hard food, such as walnut and the like;Moreover teeth glinting early compared with before the repair, the upper and lower teeth pointed counterpoint, eat slowly, lest tongue bite buccal mucosa;

And with full ceramic abutment joint easy to gather the plaque, plaque formation, should pay attention to clean, can use dental floss between teeth, sanctify themselves, and come to the clinic regularly, clean teeth.

Grinding in addition to the relatively large amount of body tissue, and because the whole porcelain coronal has a certain transparency, if the tooth itself color heavier, color will give after put into the interior, so the restoration are best suited for the tooth itself have larger defects with live pulp teeth or tooth-colored pile nuclear to repair the residual roots and crowns.


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