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Planting preoperative postoperative considerations

Note that the artificial implant is a sophisticated operation, each procedure must be carried out in a sterile environment and best conducted by better oral surgery trained doctors surgery, in order to avoid the implant pollution and adverse complications such as wound infection.

Artificial root, denture is completed, the long-term assessment and it is very important to return the re-inspection, usually two to three months to return a reinspected and adjust the denture cleaning, return visit one of the most important is to clear the artificial planting surface the teeth and dental plaque, or long-term gum inflammation, the implant falls off easily lead to the result of the failure.Patients must maintain good health habits, as to teach the way of doctor frequently do maintenance, maintain the health of dental implants and extend its service life.

Artificial implant has the advantage of not molar, reduce the damage to the real teeth, allows you to have close to real tooth appearance, stability and chewing function is pretty good, eat when the feeling is very natural, and can solve the problem of active dentures to peel and uncomfortable, the success rate is high (about ninety percent), seems to be short of dental patients a good choice.

D jas dental planting center by after clinical work for more than 20 years, both at home and abroad of dental clinics for planting experts overseas returned scholars Zheng Baochun physician personally presided over, successfully carry out all kinds of complex planting technology to repair.



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