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The baby teeth protection method

日期: 2016-01-26
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Many parents think: baby teeth grow ok or not doesn’t matter, anyway, sooner or later to replace.In fact this is a wrong idea, baby’s teeth with chewing, pronunciation, beautiful and maintain permanent teeth eruption space function.If baby teeth didn’t protect good, can cause baby teeth arrangement not neat, such as protruding teeth and day to pack.And long tooth decay, serious, affect the root, in turn, affect the development of the baby’s jaw, feeding and language features, and even affect the child’s face.As a result, the baby tooth engineering should start from infancy.Mom and dad, if can often pay attention to the growth of the children’s teeth, and guide children the correct way to brush your teeth, form a good habit of brushing your teeth, you can avoid his baby tooth decay or other defects.

The most key prior to eruption of deciduous teeth, gargle

This time the baby is drinking milk, after feeding the milk for the baby can drink plain boiled water, equivalent to gargle, removal of milk residue.Can use gauze dipped in warm water or baby pale salt water to clean mouth, that can prevent oral cavity inflammation.

Baby teeth appear first: refers to the set of toothbrush is best

After the baby’s first tooth eruption, mom can use gauze wipe gums glue water.At the same time, can choose set on your fingers finger toothbrush for the baby to brush your teeth, such not only can clean teeth, and still can gently massage gums.This refers to the set of mostly made of specially designed for baby teeth to glue, a variety of design, some prominent groove, some have the function of the massage the gums, will be issued some milk or fruit fragrance, baby will not only love, but also satisfy the desire of the baby want to bite.

Cultivating the good habit of brushing your teeth

All teeth appear after the baby’s mother to brush his teeth, make the child develop meals and brush your teeth before going to bed after a meal to eat a snack after the good habit of gargle at any time.Because the baby teeth, tooth arrangement is sparse, dental crowns is shorter, easy to cause food embedded plug.Mother before brushing your teeth, therefore, need to check the baby teeth have any food, such as embedded with plug, should first clear the food before you brush your teeth.

Baby toothbrush to choose, can choose small brush head, brush capillary, handle length and children health care toothbrush brush a head length is moderate.Brush a head the size of the width of the baby’s four front teeth, the bristles should pass rounded, not stimulate the baby’s gums.Aged 3 to 6 babies should be under the guidance of adults began to brush his teeth, but still need adult’s help to brush their teeth clean.Mother should be in the brush your teeth at the same time for the child, cultivate children’s interest in brushing your teeth.

Baby to guide the correct method of brushing your teeth: brush your teeth up and down for three minutes

Training the baby brush your teeth, the mother should pay attention to let the baby from the start to master the correct method of brushing your teeth, to avoid excessive forever horizontal brush method.Error method not only can’t brush teeth brushing your teeth clean, also easy to cause tooth fragile, baby use slightly hard toothbrush after brushing your teeth, gums will be pain.

The correct order is: brushing your teeth by the top-down teeth, brush and vertical.Up and down, inside and outside are all along the root to the tooth brush, brush teeth surface can be horizontal.Every time you brush your teeth at least need 3 minutes, each face brush to 15 to 20 times, can achieve the purpose of cleaning teeth.

Fluoride toothpaste carefully chosen

Fluoride toothpaste is one of the effective prevention and control of caries toothpaste.But use undeserved, baby will easier fluorine tooth disease.Methods effect of the fluoride and produce toxic the boundaries between the small, plus the baby swallowing the control is not perfect, it is easy to be swallowed a fluoride toothpaste, lead to excessive fluoride intake, the teeth have some spots, serious when make the yellowing teeth, rough surface, easy to defect.Therefore, under the age of 3 baby forbids the use of fluoride toothpaste;4 to 6 years old baby should be used under the guidance of adults.The baby in the put toothpaste to brush teeth after wash clean.Baby at the same time, the use amount of toothpaste every time it’s only about soya bean size is enough, not more than 1 cm.

Baby teeth growth period: protection to grind their teeth at the same time

Mom can buy baby a specially for one year old baby before special toothbrush.This period of baby accept ability and imitation ability is relatively poor, a day after meals, before going to bed by mother to baby brush, appropriate USES light salt water to brush your teeth, use less as far as possible the toothpaste.This is mainly in order to develop the child’s health habits.Baby to grow after 8-11 teeth, replacing a pointed siliceous solid tooth brush bristles.Baby grow 11 teeth, then can use real toothbrush let the baby to brush my teeth.Brush head size should be suitable for the baby mouth size, brush must be soft, also can’t scratch baby tender gums.

At the same time, the mother let the baby try molar cake is also a good idea.Bread molars is teeth baby is given a special a biscuit, rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals.By chewing the moderate hardness of biscuits, exercise can help baby chewing action, bite, and improve the sturdiness of teeth at the same time also can reduce the uncomfortable feeling when the baby teething.Not to grind teeth and a knife, not sharp.Light fluids can cause the baby teeth retardation, which affect the digestion and absorption function, affects bone development, so this time add appropriate assist food is also very important to the baby.


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