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Q&a of adult orthodontic treatment

日期: 2016-01-26
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Adult teeth orthodontic treatment has become increasingly common.In the United States and Canada, an estimated 1 million adults over the age of 18 undergoing tooth orthodontic treatment.

Why adults need orthodontics treatment?

In real life, many adults still growing because no teeth orthodontic treatment for a variety of reasons.They not only exist in teeth problems, affects their social life and work, the incidence of caries disease, gingival and periodontal disease is high;Serious and temporomandibular joint problems, and other symptoms such as headache, healthy body interference, the lower quality of life.

Adult orthodontic treatment of children with orthodontic treatment?

Adult orthodontics treatment principles and orthodontic treatment for children.But due to the difference of the age, the exuberant development period of adults has been basically ended, missed the best period of treatment, so the treatment need time is not long, after the treatment the retainer wearing time is longer.In addition, the psychology of adults and children, require the use of more hidden orthodontic appliance of patients is more, the time to ask to see a doctor is more special, requiring to keep the privacy of personal information.So the doctor in the treatment of adult patients, these factors must be considered.

How to judge whether their needs orthodontic treatment?

The simplest and most effective method is to please a special oral orthodontic doctors check and evaluation.Personal situation is different, treatment methods and treatment time is different.Oral orthodontic doctors received special training, they will need to the patient’s condition to conduct a comprehensive inspection, and will let the patient know that the growth of the jaws and teeth, whether to need to do orthodontic treatment, alternative treatment methods, treatment time, treatment process, the matters needing attention in the process of treatment, the cost of treatment and so on.

What are the tools to choose teeth in orthodontic treatment?

In orthodontics treatment, braces is the most commonly used, essential apparatus.Braces of metal and ceramic (transparent);Braces on the teeth out, on the teeth the inside surface;Often replace rubber band monochrome, color.Patients and doctors can be used by the apparatus are discussed.Orthodontics is time-consuming, after all, longer, more treatment expenses, should choose reliable quality, don’t pay attention to price rather than quality.Good quality appliances can greatly reduce the rate of braces fall off, can shorten the treatment time.In recent years, a kind of new orthodontic appliances was welcomed by patients, it is according to the shape of the teeth of the patient, the whole treatment process is analyzed with the electronic computer, and made a series of transparent tray "teeth", under the guidance of a doctor to replace step by step, do not need to use braces.But the instruments of production requirement is quite high, also more expensive, it is difficult to widely in clinical application.

Wear with braces should pay attention to what?

Just started wearing with braces, will feel uncomfortable, talking and eating will feel "weird".This feeling will gradually disappear, as for the length of the duration, completely different from person to person.Wear with braces after one of the biggest problems is to keep the mouth and teeth cleaning and hygiene.Because the mouth is the braces, steel wire and rubber band equipment, should be especially careful when brushing your teeth, had better choose a special orthodontic toothbrush.In order to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, should reduce sugars and carbohydrates food, often mouthwash, oral cavity and cleaning on a regular basis.In order to protect the braces and other instruments, but also should try to avoid hard and sticky food.


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