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Clarify the pitfalls of cleaning

日期: 2016-01-26
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As part of the "facade" project natural teeth is very important.Attach great importance to the world health organization (who) on oral health and the "tooth cleaning, no cavity, no pain, normal color, no bleeding gums" laying for oral health.Our government has paid great attention to oral health problems, will each year on September 20, identified as national love teeth day.

In recent years, as people living standard unceasing enhancement, the recognition of the importance of dental health care, "cleaning" accepted by more and more people.Previously, most patients are got to the hospital after dental disease, rarely thought about cleaning.Although people now oral health consciousness enhanced, but there are still some people don’t know for cleaning purposes, and by some empirical factors, there have been some misunderstanding on the.

Myth: cleaning can lead to teeth, tooth of allergies, tooth damage

Take this kind of view, first of all, understanding of the principle and purpose of cleaning is not clear.At present, hospitals and regular dental clinic for cleaning is not using the chip, attachments on the surface of the grinding their teeth, but by ultrasonic high frequency oscillation, remove the stones and calcification of the dirt on the surface of the teeth, to avoid the further stimulate gums, bleeding, afraid of acid, sweet, afraid, afraid of the cold symptoms such as hot, and cause gum inflammation.Theoretically, this is no wear and damage to teeth cleaning, you also need not worry too much.

Second, allergies, after cleaning teeth, don’t feel very well is because for years we have cleaning habits, no teeth adhesion time is too long in the tooth, high stiffness, suddenly removed, but not too orientation.Combined with long-term not cleaning, cause gum atrophy, root exposures, have stone protection at ordinary times, there will be a certain allergy symptoms after wash.Although stones for gums, root can play a protective role, but this kind of protection is unhealthy, will greatly improve the rate of oral diseases.And teeth problem is already exist, just long time not to clean, let the stone for blocked.

Myth: cleaning both money and a waste of time, and also, it is not necessary

In general, every six months or a year to wash a tooth, for smokers, best wash three months or so.My teeth cleaned regularly, not only clean the teeth, and the doctor in my teeth cleaned and checked for cleaning teeth at a time, also facilitate timely treatment in time when problems found.Cleaning for the first time, because of the large tartar, there may be some sad, once the stick, and is able to keep the mouth clean, the next is better.Just like we often wash the clothes, the tooth also need to wash after a set period.

Finally, you need to remind you is, must to the normal place for cleaning cleaning their teeth, in these places, cleaning is generally going to stone, sand, coloring, polishing four procedures, those who don’t normal clinic, although very low fees, but generally only the first step, the other is omitted, cannot achieve the real purpose of clean teeth.


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