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Why do KaoCiYa PFM crown around neck inflammation after?

日期: 2016-01-26
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Why do KaoCiYa PFM crown around neck inflammation after?

This is because:

1, most patients don’t pay attention to oral hygiene, failed to timely removal of porcelain crown the plaque around, pathogenic factors such as soft dirt.Swollen gums, again not timely medical treatment, delay treatment, make the symptoms worse.

2, making process of PFM crowns appear error:

(1) the tooth preparation is not standard;

(2) the PFM crown long neck flange, oppression, stimulate gums;

(3) the PFM crown neck hung, plaque stranded;

(4) in a third PFM crown through big self-cleaning effect.

3, improper selection cases some periodontal inflammation in patients with periodontitis before under control for PFM restoration in a hurry.

4, some patients to ceramometal coronal allergic reactions.

Therefore, patients should be to regular dental clinic, the unit of the doctor professional level is high, the tooth preparation specifications, production of high quality porcelain crowns.Secondly, people should pay attention to oral hygiene, clean porcelain crowns carefully around the plaque, soft dirt.Conditions, every four to six months to periodontal family doctor for a clean and care.When bleeding gum inflammation, should be immediately to the hospital for treatment.


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