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Dental implants in two stepsFirst of all, will design and manufacture precision through the computer appearance and function are similar to the root of long cylinder, via the alveolar bone implant surgery, general maxillary must wait for 4 to 6 months, the jaw must wait for 2 to 3 months, alveolar bone and artificial implant will closely integrated, then also can’t see the things on my gums.Moreover, wait for four to six months after the second surgery, took the head of the artificial implant, and then combined with dentures interlocking matrix "root" after completion, the things can be seen on the gums, wait one or two weeks after periodontal healing is complete, again in the reconstruction of dentures, above complete plant repair process.
Planting preoperative postoperative considerationsNote that the artificial implant is a sophisticated operation, each procedure must be carried out in a sterile environment and best conducted by better oral surgery trained doctors surgery, in order to avoid the implant pollution and adverse complications such as wound infection.Artificial root, denture is completed, the long-term assessment and it is very important to return the re-inspection, usually two to three months to return a reinspected and adjust the denture cleaning, return visit one of the most important is to clear the artificial planting surface the teeth and dental plaque, or long-term gum inflammation, the implant falls off easily lead to the result of the failure.Patients must maintain good health habits, as to teach the wa...
Single dental porcelain cover repair More teeth cosmetic repair Cold light whitening treatment
Ceng Yan: d chief beauty expertCosmetic dental 20 years work experience, for domestic and international academic conference for many times, once for the domestic and foreign many well-known design dental cosmetic case.Zheng Baochun: d chief dental implants/cosmetic dental experts/special researcher at the medical university in Tokyo, JapanQi lily: master of sun yat-sen universityGraduated from zhejiang medical university Lu Jianli: general practitioners
The whole porcelain restorationAlso called porcelain crowns, full ceramic is a kind of modern repair method for a tooth.It is at the site of the defect, missing tooth or teeth modification, with full porcelain as the kernel of support, and in its external use all porcelain to achieve similar with the color of the real teeth and the function of repair methods.Its characteristic is to resume the function of tooth form, bending force, high resistance to wear, deformation, color stability, resistance to acid and alkali.The current clinical commonly used porcelain repair to roughly the following several types1, all porcelain glaze porcelain veneersIf there is no large teeth defect, but colour and lustre is poor, it is recommended that you adopt this way of repair, can achieve perfect aesthetic ...
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