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Root canal treatment for teeth, dental pulp, a treatment process of root lesions.Root canal treatment is by eliminating necrosis of root canal material, proper disinfection, filling, root canal to grubbing tube contents of root tip surrounding tissues of the bad stimulation, prevent periapical lesions or promote healing of periapical lesions of a treatment.


Root canal treatment indications:

First, any reason (including dental caries, cracked, crown fold, deformity of the central peak, excessive abrasion, periodontal disease retrograde infection, accidental wear pulp) cause pulpitis and pulp necrosis can’t keep living pulp.

Second, any reason (including the continued development of pulpitis, mummy plasticizing treatment failure, periodontitis retrograde infection) caused by root lesions.

Third, the physical chemistry of the causes of dental pulp of root tip of infection, such as: after filling the bottom temperature caused by poor dental pulp stimulation, electrical stimulation of different metals, pulp therapy drugs apicitis.

Fourth, cryptogenic pulp degenerative changes, such as root canal absorption, the pathologic changes of the pulp stone cause dental pulp.

Root canal therapy is a doctor in the process of root canal treatment special apparatus by completely removing infected pulp and dentine and toxic decomposition product of infection, after root canal irrigation, and carefully fill root canal disinfection, isolated from bacteria into the root canal infection, prevent the occurrence of periapical lesions or promote the healing of periapical disease.

Clinical report of root canal treatment success rate is above 90%, is the preservation of the best treatment.

For those who, in general, pulpitis and pulp necrosis, various types of root tip periarthritis are suitable for root canal treatment.

Especially for the residual crown and residual root of teeth, repair section to post crown repair, root canal therapy is the only treatment that can choose.

The process of root canal treatment is what kind of?

Root canal treatment usually consists of three basic steps: root canal preparation, root canal disinfection, root canal filling.

In the process of root canal treatment, doctors often require of tooth root canal treatment of preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative were taken X-ray film, in order to help diagnosis and know the location of pulp chamber and root canal number and morphology, root canal working length measurement and subsequent follow-up providing the basis of the comparison and evaluation of curative effect.


Root canal treatment

1, all are not a complete root canal therapy treatment, the doctor is often based on clinical examination, treatment step by step by several times, in general, a root canal to visit points 2 to 4 times to complete.

2, because the root canal therapy is multifarious, asked the doctor must be familiar with the tooth structure of the anatomical knowledge and skilled operation techniques, and at the same time need to form a complete set of special root canal therapy instrument and equipment and materials, therefore, root canal treatment is time-consuming and costs are relatively high.

3, root canal therapy during or after the completion of the temporary discomfort may occur, often taking anti-inflammatory or painkillers can alleviate, local swelling should tell the doctor processing.

4, teeth after treatment brittle best inlay or larger crown repair, prevent tooth fracture, prolong the life of teeth.


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