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What is a dental implant?

Artificial dental implants, is the artificial root by using the method of surgical implant in edentulate area in the alveolar bone, to replace the missing teeth.Artificial root mainly combined with jaw good medical pure titanium or titanium alloy is given priority to, will design and manufacture precision through the computer appearance and function are similar to the root of long cylinder, via the surgical implants in the alveolar bone.It does not use the natural tooth wear to fixed denture, the method of maximum protect the health of the patients with teeth, known as the baby teeth, teeth after the third pair of teeth of the human race.


Dental implants prominent advantages

1, the function is strong, can resume the function of the teeth, chewing function is greatly superior to other traditional denture.

2, not grinding, on its own artificial root repair, not grind next to healthy teeth, the teeth without any damage.

3, good retention: do not use the traditional denture fitted bolts or teeth, alveolar bone closely with artificial root, root like real teeth in the oral cavity, have very strong retention force and stability.

4, beautiful, can according to the patients face and other dental crowns, shapes and colors to achieve the desired effect of the overall coordination and beautiful.

5, comfortable and convenient: do not use the activity dentures required underpinning and snap ring, no foreign body sensation, very comfortable, convenient, but also to keep the mouth clean sanitation.

6, the operation is simple: dental implant surgery is a relatively small alveolar surgery, similar tooth extraction, using local anesthesia, small trauma, postoperative can eat, almost no pain.General implant implantation requires only a few minutes to several hours that can be completed.As a result of chosen is excellent compatibility with human biological materials, dental implants on the human body does not produce any adverse side effects.Dental implant bone combined with failure, that is, dental implants don’t succeed, also can take out for bone healing do grow again, or to switch to other repair methods.

D cultivation center advantage

D, dental, and planting center by more than 20 years of clinical experience of overseas experts Zheng Baochun physician host plant business, is currently the shenzhen one of the few independent professional plant planting technology center.

D cultivation center, USES the international leading three planting system, respectively is Nobelbiocare NobelReplace ™ system (U.S.), but Dan XIVE and Ankylos system (German) and Straumann ITI system (Swiss), cumulative clinical cultivation has more than thousand, it has established a series of planting clinical database and customer management system, to ensure the success of the planting, by skill and strength to win the trust and support of patients.


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