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Does before orthodontic treatment need to be prepared

Can be divided into two aspects, psychological and physical.Psychological, should make sure of the motivation of treatment they want, such as teeth, buck teeth, not too become warped lips and chin is too sudden, etc.), communicate with your doctor before deciding whether to accept treatment.After the decision to accept treatment, psychological preparation to accept a short period, such as beautiful problem, eating habits, etc.And physical, will all keep teeth, the fill to fill do a root canal to do root canal treatment, the teeth teeth to do is do more durable temporary braces.Otherwise the orthotics, treatment is not easy.


Does the best time to orthodontic treatment

"Early diagnosis, timely treatment.Early to find a trusted physician consultation is the best policy is responsible general dentist will, in the regular inspection, timely to give advice.Because of the different doctors, different cases, the answer is different.Medical opportunity judgement and the doctor’s professional accomplishment and medical ethics have very close relationship.

Does orthodontic treatment need how long?

Because of the person different, ranging from months to years.In general, the tooth jaw orthodontic treatment need a year or two and a half years.There are such a big difference, mainly because each person has a different problem;If the healer cooperate with the doctor is good, the time will be shorter, also should pay attention to return visit regularly for a year after the completion of treatment.


Does matters needing attention during the correction

(1) don’t eat too hard or too sticky food - loading wear orthotics in as much as possible in the mouth after beginning to eat more soft food, 3 ~ 4 days, general food is edible, but avoid biting too hard, too sticky or not bite of food, as for meat and fibrous vegetables, cut up after eating as far as possible, if not according to instructions big eat a big bite, it is easy to cause orthotics en, breaking off or even fall off, not only increase the cost of treatment, and longer treatment time.

(2) clean mouth - every meal after dinner, be sure to brush your teeth before going to sleep, can be used to brush your teeth at the same time auxiliary device (such as tooth brush, electric toothbrushes, etc.) display agent to clean the oral hygiene and dental plaque.If not, keep the mouth clean quickly swollen gums, cause gum inflammation, swelling and even tooth decay.

(3) keep appointments, regular return visit to adjust in time.

(4) if any of the following cases, doctors should feel free to contact physician as soon as possible and disposal:

1. After loading wear orthotics, pain has been unable to improve and persists for more than a week.

2. Orthotics are broken folding, fracture, fall off or hurt gum.


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