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Why does the tooth discoloration

There are many reasons that cause tooth discoloration, can be roughly divided into the following four:

(1) local factors:

Including the consumption of food containing pigment (curry, candy, etc.), beverages (coffee, tea, red wine, etc.), smoking, chewing betel, teeth, necrosis, etc.;(2) systemic factors:

Fluoride precipitation, such as sihuan drug class antibiotic drugs.

(3) the dental caries.

(4) the age factor.


Does the type of teeth whitening and methods

Can be divided into the following three:

(1) occupy the whitening:

With complete whitening that occupy the home is put forward in 1989.Patients after guidance of physician bleaching gel is operating on its own and special plates back home.Using night sleep wear braces, during treatment for about two weeks to a month, and necessary return visit on a regular basis and under the monitoring of physician practice, so as not to harm the teeth.

(2) cold light whitening:

Cold light whitening is to use the LED light-emitting diodes and containing 15% hydrogen peroxide gel let white teeth.It USES wavelengths from 480 to 520 "nano" light source to produce energy, light teeth, shaking inside the carbon molecule, carbon molecules strengthen pigment binder, and decompose pigment.

(3) laser whitening:

Laser whitening whitening and cold light, the mechanism of action of the two is roughly same, the main difference is that provided by the catalytic accelerated way, different from the concentration of hydrogen peroxide."Laser whitening" is by laser light catalytic hydrogen peroxide, the concentration of hydrogen peroxide was 35%


Does the time a whitening effect

Teeth whitening effect can last for two to three years.Whitening can drop the average every three or four months after a levels, thus effective period is about two years, can use occupy the whitening and whitening toothpaste, mouthwash to extend the whitening effect.But is still associated with some personal habits, easy cause tooth staining hobbies should be avoided.

Does the tooth whitening after maintenance method

(1) as far as possible contact pigment deposition serious food or drinks;Such as smoking, drinking tea, coffee, cola.

(2) through a straw to drink coffee, tea, coke, do not use mouth to drink directly.

(3), after drinking the colored drinks to gargle with water immediately.

(4) use correct way to brush my teeth every day.


Does the tooth whitening have side effect?

Some patients may have one or two days of transient sensitive teeth, rarely have more than two days or more, but the sensitive generally do a simple to deal with sensitive;A few patients of the other side effects are caused by improper operation of soft tissue, this can be because of medical technology, and cooperate with doctors and loss occurred.

D dental USES "Beyond cold light tooth whitening technology".The technology has the following features:

More efficient: the low temperature cold light can penetrate teeth deep removal of the deposition of pigment.

Safety: the low temperature cold light security, to avoid the operation process of tooth nerve stimulation, no side effects.

Fast: treatment only 60 minutes at a time, convenient and quick.

Fashion: more than 1 million people in the United States use Beyond cold light whitening teeth.


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