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Zheng Baochun special researcher/dental implants expert at the university of Tokyo medical English name: Shawn

Brief introduction:

Zheng doctor graduated from the fourth military medical university in 1991, oral medicine bachelor of oral medicine in general hospital of nanjing military region (the former central hospital) dental and oral and maxillofacial surgery center of nanjing military region is engaged in the clinical medical treatment and teaching for many years, a longtime military commanders and local leading oral care doctor.Between December 2000 and July 2003 in Japan university of Tokyo medical and dental oral surgery lecture for further study and study for a PhD program, because of the rich clinical experience was awarded the special researcher, special medicine, at the same time to apply for Chinese fir on dental hospital in Tokyo as a very diligent cultivation expert.In 2004 as a "study abroad returnees" special introduction of shenzhen.


Zheng doctor has 16 years rich clinical experience, solid theoretical knowledge and good service concept, is good at the diagnosis and treatment of oral and maxillofacial diseases, alveolar surgery and dental pulp disease treatment, for complex periapical diseases have unique treatment method.Zheng doctor is especially good at dental implants and cosmetic repair, for a variety of alveolar bone atrophy caused by teeth missing for a long time to take a variety of increased bone mass as the Only bone graft, bone splitting technique, the free bone grafts, maxillary sinus in ascension, and open the window lift, GBR and GTR bone graft repair technology to achieve.Many times to Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and other countries and regions receive technical training and academic exchanges, and participates in the planting system in the domestic technical training guidance.Is currently active in the guangdong region well-known expert in dental implants.

In July 1996 to participate in the preparation and cooperation of jinling cultivation center (general hospital of nanjing military region)

Tokyo medical university in July 2001 and special researcher and dental implant technology training certificate

In November 2003 by shenzhen "study abroad returnees qualification certificate"

In September 2003, in July 2004 Nobel Biocare Asia headquarters senior training (Hong Kong) to accept the Replace the Select cropping systems

In December 2005 to participate in planting expert BBS "dental disease prevention and control of guangdong"

In July 2006 to accept South Korea Osstem invitation to Seoul, South Korea, ax mountain for academic exchange activities

In June 2006 and August to Friadent Asian headquarters (Hong Kong) to accept advanced training Xive and Ankylos cropping systems

Personal interest: computer application, photography

Qi lily sun yat-sen university, master of medicine/plant restoration physicians English name: Jessica

Introduction: Qi doctors graduated from anhui medical university in 2002 received a bachelor’s degree, oral medicine in anhui polytechnic university school of medicine, engaged in clinical care and teaching.Sep 2005 to July 2008 in first affiliated hospital of sun yat-sen university for further study and study for a type of oral prosthodontics clinical master’s degree, for clinical work experience rich, the treatment of patients with a cordial, praised by many patients with sun yat-sen university.


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