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How should summer dental health care?

日期: 2016-01-26
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Summer heat, bacterial reproduction is accelerated, even little mouth are not immune, this is because the summer food bacterium, more easily if you don’t brush your teeth after eating the food, will lead to residues in the mouth of food fermentation, as bacteria breeding "hotbed" further, causing all sorts of oral soft tissue inflammation.

Summer the most common form of tooth with wisdom tooth pericoronitis, patients will be wisdom tooth surrounding soft tissue inflammation, accompanied by redness and swelling, thermal pain, can’t open mouth, the symptom such as difficulty in feeding, serious still can cause chin lymph node enlargement, or even a fever.This inflammation symptoms similar to the traditional Chinese medicine calls "wind fire toothache", belong to the composite acute concurrency inflammation, so general painkillers, antibiotics is not easy to quick

In addition, common dental pain and decayed regions in summer, people like to eat cold drinks and ice cream in summer, the intense cold stimulation can lead to severe caries pain occurs, and the resulting pulp disease, periapical disease, oral maxillofacial inflammation and a series of complications, and even affect the body health, so people with gum disease should pay attention to drink less cold drinks in summer.

Now, some people like to eat boiled fish and spicy hot pot in the summer, and will eat hot pot, while drinking cold beer, ice cream as a "modern", but the stimulation of a cold one hot, it is easy to tooth premature aging.After the summer fashion, many people will feel teeth are haven’t the strength to bite a few days, it is under hot and cold teeth is too big, cause the pulp allergy.Teeth was a closed space, internal tooth enamel dentine attached below tooth nerve, if outside stimulation to let a tooth enamel surface corrosion become fragile, naturally through the inside of the dentin allergies affect the nerves, often stimulus will make pulp irritation and pain.

In addition, the summer is very prone to bleeding gums, many people think that only "heat, drink some cool tea will be fine.In fact many causes of bleeding gums, "irritated" is just one is the cause of the accident, in fact the biggest possibility cause bleeding gums is periodontitis.

Because oral cavity clean habits and genetic reasons of too much acid in oral environment, the food particles in the mouth for failing to get clean, too much bacteria will pile up on the teeth and teeth, dental plaque formation, and then dental plaque accumulated gradually calcification, stubborn dental calculus was created.Because of the general action cannot be cleared my teeth brushing your teeth.Destruction of periodontal tissue as a result, my teeth be bacteria carrier and breeding base, produce many toxic factors, cause swollen gums, bleeding, the continuous destruction of periodontal tissue, supporting teeth caused by the absorption of alveolar bone destruction, finally cause the teeth to become loose and fall off.

Because summer is a long holiday, the students diet, work and rest not accessing the web site, stay up late, cigarettes, alcohol and bad habits, such as too much can cause oral cavity ulcer, therefore, oral ulcer is also more common in summer, especially teenager groups) of one of the oral disease.

So, how should summer dental health care?

First, pay attention to the good eating habits and lifestyle habits, avoid the figure of the fast and unrestrained eat cold drink, reduce too cold stimulation of dentin and the stimulation of the pulp;Sorching summer, eat less acrimony excitant food, can effectively avoid the excessive stimulus and "irritated", induced by a variety of toothache, gum inflammation and oral ulcer;

Is only the above measures, is still not enough, because ivory stone still too high acidity, bleeding gums, oral environment, not the good habit can avoid, also should use proper oral care products.


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