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Pull out wisdom tooth matters needing attention

日期: 2016-01-26
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Several reasons have to pull out wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth eruption after refers to the age of 16 or has not been the eighth tooth eruption, because human jaw bone volume has shrunk in the process of evolution, so often jaw without enough space to let wisdom tooth eruption, after wisdom tooth eruption caused by its position and direction of anomalies.Wisdom teeth not only without chewing function, and has a series of hazards or potential hazards, so it is good to pull out as soon as possible.

A, incomplete due to the eruption, gum covering the part of the back crowns champions league week bag formation, stored up food and bacteria, often can cause local soft tissue inflammation, pain, and even lead to limited opening and difficulty in feeding.Some people can eliminate the inflammation, don’t hurt, don’t want to eat the one, the results again increasingly severe inflammation and symptoms.

Second, most impacted wisdom teeth forward, namely a 45-degree Angle around the top in the second molar, two crowns form an Angle and embedded food, time is long, formed the second molar caries bad pain until the pulpitis and play.Another consequence is the forward wisdom teeth continued strength in the second molars, the formation of periodontitis and loose pain, had to pull out the second molars, or must pull out the two teeth, and chewing function was seriously damaged.

Three, although some wisdom tooth eruption remains almost normal, but the points of contact with the second molar, embedded in food, and not easy to brush to brush his teeth to the tooth clearance, and easily to the second molars caries and shorten its service life.

Now there are a lot of people think: teeth without treatment or as long as he doesn’t hurt, this view is not correct.Because if the pain that has cause irreversible damage to normal teeth and even the body, at this time to pull hard to save wisdom teeth.

Even without a toothache, but pulled out a tooth is likely, bad. Another important reason is that wisdom teeth inflammation medicine is bad for the fetus.

According to statistics, 50% of people have the existence of the wisdom teeth, at the age of 16 or so appear in succession.Due to this tooth just appear when the root is easy to pull out, has not yet fully formed and advised at this time to avoid the second molars and the body damage, can pull out as soon as possible is the best treatment plan.The ancients say: I don’t have cure disease cure not ill, is the truth.

Fourth, matters needing attention after tooth extraction

Inside the mouth, biting the gauze, half an hour later, must gently spit out.

2 don’t gargle brush my teeth, tooth one day, lest meet bad wound, cause bleeding.

3, tooth extraction wound, do not use anything (such as fingers, toothpick) to criticize it, lest affect wound bleeding.

4, please little spit after tooth extraction, such as spitting contains a small amount of blood, don’t panic, if too much blood, blood clots, may at any time to the hospital to stop the bleeding.

5, the wound with violet and grey clot formation is found, it is a good phenomenon.

6, the second day after tooth extraction wound is feeling good, they feel comfortable, can not come back;Feel uncomfortable, it must be a return visit to the college.

7, can eat two hours after tooth extraction, food should eat porridge, soft drinks, or liquid food, shoulds not be too hot.

8, if stitches stitches come out after seven days.

After pulling teeth, there will be a lot of saliva, but these saliva don’t spit it out, be sure to swallow.Because spit will wound bleeding, slow wound healing.

The first two or three days don’t and hot water, is the most warm water, because hot water will accelerate the blood circulation of the wound, very conducive to wound healing and the formation of bone tissue.Blood flow to slow down and cool water can make the wound area, make the wound to heal better.

Surgery can speak, but I still talk less.Dinner is given priority to with liquid diets, pay attention to the nutrition balance, don’t eat need to chew, of course, if I only put a tooth that situation is much better.Pay attention to oral hygiene, must use mouthwash after meals.Often brush your teeth, don’t eat anything hard, or you will find a doctor for the second time.

Take out stitches for seven days, even after remove the note, after half a month, can can restore, almost fully recovered (i.e., all bone tissue formation) it is time to need two or three months.

Follow the doctor’s advice, take medicine on time and transfusion.Because oral cavity are not clean environment, so be sure to pay attention to oral hygiene.


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