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Activities of the denture production steps

日期: 2016-01-26
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Activities of the denture production steps

1 model design, model design of the touch is viewer is used to determine the denture in place, making the final design scheme, and fill the hollow.

2 on rack: used to determine the correct relationship.

3 curved card ring: according to the model of final design different card ring, strictly follow the principle of bending the snap ring.

4 activities denture row of teeth: choose a suitable artificial teeth, tooth top to give priority to in order to beautiful, but also the function for the cutting and pronunciation.

5 wax underpinning: wax base, extend range suitable thickness is about 2 mm, the natural and beautiful appearance.

Six boxes: snap ring embedding and firm, try to expose the wax type and artificial teeth.

7 to wax, wax the box with boiling water rinse, preparing for filling glue.

8 filled plastic: the dough period for filling the best period.

Heat treatment: small heat after boiling, maintain 15 to 30 min, the purpose is plastic under certain pressure to complete the polymerization.

10 open box: after natural cooling box open.

11 polishing: polishing equipment from coarse to fine, and then polished, artificial teeth snap ring and surface grinding and polishing.


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