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What disease is gum black

日期: 2016-01-26
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Some people find that their gums were black, unlike others’ gum is pink, worry about whether I have what disease.This cause gum or oral cavity mucous membrane material, there are two sources of color change part of it comes from the body, called endogenous substances, mainly has various pigment melanin and hemoglobin, the other part comes from outside the body, called the exogenous substances, mainly has heavy metal, dye, pigment and medicinal plant, etc.

Clinical gum tissue will be divided into free gingiva, attached gingiva and gum nipple three parts.Normal pink attached gingiva, while there are a few normal on the surface of attached gingiva can see cloud of dispersion in melanin deposition, especially in the color of skin is black and black.The pigmentation without pathological significance, also need not treatment.

In addition, some exogenous pigment material, such as heavy metal salts (lead, mercury) through the circulation of the blood is absorbed into the body, can form on the edge of the gums banded linear light grey or dark blue pigment deposition, called lines to lead and mercury.Have a large number of smokers, for a long time in gingival surface can have pigment deposition caused by tobacco.There are some drugs can also cause a color change of oral mucosa and teeth.

Need to stress is that if the gum or jaws on the melanin calm area becomes rough, uplift, easy bleeding or bump, should see a doctor in time.

Upper lip side gum uniform black, don’t know what is really the color of black or blue black?Is a linear, strip or large dispersion?

May have the following several ways:

1, oral shading is rather than pathological physiology, is the result of the melanin increase.In the most common is in the attached gingiva, often diffuse, lace, black edge, boundary clear and arc edge distribution in the normal color of the alveolar mucosa, often is uniform but not symmetrical.The degree of pigmentation is various, from light brown to dark brown, also often appear black.Shading is not higher than the mucosa.Cause the reason also living rational factors, such as senile (has nothing to do with the sun), after menopause, pregnancy, and ethnicity, etc.This is generally not for treatment.

2, oral melanin spot develops in red lip and gum area, but also visible at any mucosal surface, without symptoms and progression.In the mouth is a single or multiple, flat, the edge clearly melanin deposition, to 1 mm to 10 mm in diameter.Adults often occurred in 25 ~ 45 years old.Some of them are increased after trauma or after inflammation melanin, for uniform blue, grey, brown or black.Treatment can be treating the primary disease, local laser, freezing treatments are available.

3, smoking pigmentation of pigmentation cigarette smoking causes many see the lips and gums labial side parts, with a pipe smoker, see more at buccal mucosa, and common in elderly patients, pigmentation associated with smoking time and quantity.Often appear in brown spots, up to a few centimeters in diameter size.Pigmentation area with smoke exposure.Treatment is to stop smoking.

4, mouth breathing pigmentation for chronic rhinitis, nasal turbinate hypertrophy and other diseases patients and other patients with obesity can be caused by mouth breathing during sleep at night, often can make the attached front teeth, gum nipple, the tip of the tongue, tongue appeared calm and melanin shows light black, light brown spot, irregular shape, size, usually not easy to fade.

5, for medicine pigmentation, such as flat, chloroquine, birth control pills, tripterygium wilfordii teng, phenytoin sodium drugs such as vitamin C, Chinese medicine ziyin kidney treatments are available.Topical corticosteroids, retinoic acid ointment.

6, blue black pigmentation (bismuth agent absorption and poisoning)

7, grey blue pigmentation (lead poisoning, lead wire) for chronic poisoning premonitory phase: from the transparent about 1 mm in width of 1 mm bice lead line, along the nipple circuitous, blurred edges.


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