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What is a KaoCiYa?KaoCiYa profile

日期: 2016-01-26
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KaoCiYa, full name porcelain fused metal restoration, is under the condition of vacuum, with the effect of high temperature ceramic powder melting and combining to specially processed and made into restoration metal surface.The beautiful sex, biocompatibility is cannot replace other restoration, the restoration is by far the most ideal.

At the end of the 18th century, has been to use ceramic dental restoration.Until the 1950 s, the development of porcelain with metal and ceramic, improved obtained significant progress, in the ninety s, China’s major cities have extensive KaoCiYa repair, but due to the material (metal, ceramic powder), the requirements of the design and production of each link precision demand is high, the market KaoCiYa quality is different.

A, what are the advantages of KaoCiYa (refers to the production of precision KaoCiYa)

1, the edge of the well closed.Some friends may be eaten such hardships: a not so good or missed some tooth, through steel teeth, teeth wrapped up after ten years or so, feel stink or pain, because of the crowns and between the teeth is not closed, the saliva and food residue can penetrate, true tooth gradually corrosion, resulting in false teeth stunk, mobility, which is the result of false teeth edge sealing is not good.KaoCiYa edge joint production requirements, under the gum to 1 mm, plus special water-insoluble bonding materials, to ensure that the edge of the seal.

2, beautiful.Color modulation can be come true tooth color, permanent don’t change color, the color is more ideal, all ceramic refraction agree with real teeth sex (biocompatibility of titanium, gold, platinum).The permeability of the whole porcelain tooth is better.

3, good biocompatibility.Especially the ceramic and porcelain tooth all biological precious metals production, because of its electric chemical inertness and corrosion resistance, no allergic, and ordinary stainless steel porcelain tooth, wear with a period of time, the edge of a dark gray transparent.

4, high intensity.Kim told with ceramic powder after high temperature melting together, enough to withstand the mouth chewing, precious metal and ceramic teeth binding force is stronger.

5, protection of tooth hard tissue and dental pulp, because KaoCiYa teeth often need to do is change color decay more teeth, porcelain crowns after completion of production, the whole real teeth is gold in the middle, around chewing force impact on dental crowns, not cracked or crash, and the crown of adhesive bonding ceramic and porcelain layer, good insulation, prevent the injury outside stimulation to the dental pulp.

KaoCiYa champions league form: Kim told in the champions league, covering color porcelain, dentin porcelain, enamel porcelain.Its structure is very similar to our teeth.

3, what are the factors affect KaoCiYa quality?

1, process, clinical tend to see a fellow German porcelain powder, make porcelain tooth form some of them are beautiful, vice true color, wear-resisting, not collapsed, also have the opposite occurs.

A good quality ceramic, in addition to high quality porcelain powder and metal, are closely associated with the whole machining process technology of porcelain tooth: reasonable design gold postscript in the champions league, porcelain powder preheating temperature, heating rate, firing temperature and hold time, eventually pumping air into vacuum state, must be the implementation of strict procedures.

2, clinical design and operation

Is not to say that shape a beautiful appearance, even a perfect repair, KaoCiYa has to fit the mouth empty chewing physiological, after long-term wear with no adverse reaction, not collapsed.This requires that clinical doctors for scientific and reasonable operation, determine the number of teeth, the edge position, pulp processing, disinfect each link requirements is more important.

Fourth, KaoCiYa indications

Tooth broken, defect, dentition defect should not be missing (teeth), correct the deformity teeth, teeth, dental crowns discoloration, dead pulp teeth, tetracycline teeth, teeth defect after filling fixed restoration, large teeth, bolt fixed abutment teeth, etc.


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