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Big problem during pregnancy - dental disease

日期: 2016-01-26
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With the progress of the society, the implementation of the one-child policy, in a planned way choosing good day pregnancy has become almost all women of childbearing age.Many women before a planned pregnancy, will consciously to the hospital internal medicine, gynecology and obstetrics do related physical examination and laboratory test, to ensure that your body before conception to achieve the best state.But you know, there is a necessary inspection project is you should not miss --

What is the relationship between oral preparation been pregnant?Because many of the common diseases during pregnancy, happens and you are closely related to the oral cavity.In general, pregnancy should be such project of the oral cavity:

Gingivitis and periodontitis

Women in pregnancy, increased levels of estrogen and particularly progesterone levels rise is very high, can make the gum in the blood vessels, vascular permeability increase, easy to cause gingivitis, this is called the "pregnancy gingivitis.Study confirmed that women who did not have before pregnancy gingivitis, the proportion of its future trouble "pregnancy gingivitis" pregnancy and severity are reduced greatly;And in pregnant women with gingivitis or periodontitis, inflammation after pregnancy will be more serious, gum can appear hyperplasia, swelling, bleeding, will individual gingival hyperplasia and tumors, known as "pregnancy epulis", very easy to bleeding, serious when still can interfere with eating.In addition, patients with periodontal pocket bacteria toxicity increased, the destruction of periodontal tissue is aggravating, tend to cause more tooth mobility.If it is, in the severe periodontitis, pregnant women give birth to premature and low birthweight babies opportunities will increase greatly.So, should be performed before pregnancy gingivitis and periodontitis system of examination and treatment.

Tooth decay

Pregnancy physiological changes and changes in eating habits, and the neglect of oral care, often can aggravate the decayed tooth disease development.Once the outbreak of acute pulpitis and apicitis, not only can bring unbearable pain to pregnant women, and careless medication also can cause adverse effects to the fetus.

Other research has proved that the mother had suffered from tooth decay, gives birth to the baby at greater risk of tooth decay, one reason is that the mother is the earliest baby cause tooth decay bacteria in the mouth.So, before pregnancy to cure tooth decay, both for oneself, or the baby is good.

Impacted wisdom teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth is to point to in the mouth the last molar (commonly known as "molar tooth after"), due to the jaw teeth and other barriers, can’t appear, cause tooth body covered by the gums.In mandibular third molars are the most common.Impacted wisdom teeth of deeper gap between teeth and gums (medically known as "blind bag"), easy to keep food scraps, lead to bacterial growth, reproduction and the direct causes of acute and chronic inflammation, is often said that the "wisdom tooth pericoronitis".Because of wisdom teeth eruption after 18 years of age, and wisdom tooth pericoronitis and most likely to occur between 20 to 35 years old, and at this age is women of childbearing age to choose pregnant time, so if you want to control the occurrence of the disease, should be before pull out impacted wisdom teeth in the mouth.

Oral health

Want to pregnancy, ought to have dental (preferably) specially subject to pregnant women for dental do oral health examination, doctor accept oral health instruction, this is a very key point.Oral diseases during pregnancy is closely related to the oral health status, you need to know how to correct brushing and flossing, and pregnancy if dental disease, when treatment is safe and so on.

In short, if you plan to pregnant, don’t forget the pregnancy check of the oral cavity.Ensure the health of the teeth, it is also one of the premise of safety through pregnancy.

Different tooth point in pregnancy

* early pregnancy (pregnancy 1 ~ 3 months) :

This period pregnant mammy often feel nausea, don’t want to eat, very picky about food, partial phenomenon, but the absence of any nutrition may cause fetal baby’s bad development, such as calcification bad teeth, tooth enamel hypoplasia, cleft lip and cleft palate, etc.So, complement nutrition to this period, especially in high quality protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin A and so on.In addition, if the drugs can lead to miscarriage or fetal malformation.So, if not emergency, unfavorable for dental treatment.

Expectant fathers note: xylitol has promote saliva secretion, beat acidification, inhibit bacteria, and the effect of clean teeth, not only is good for the health of teeth and gums, also can increase appetite, might as well buy her a few boxes.

Pregnancy tooth little quiz

According to the X-ray taken the treatment of teeth, will not cause harm to the fetus?

Medicine thinks, the picture as long as the total exposure is not more than 5 ~ 10 Reid, fetal congenital deformity usually won’t appear.

And dental for inspection of the dose of radiation is lower, plus lead protective clothing, should be able to protect the pregnant mother and the fetus from radiation.

Taken the drug or drug for the treatment of teeth can cause harm to the fetus?

In general, in addition to sihuan toxin, chloramphenicol, streptomycin, dental antibiotics for pregnant mammy, are safe.Because in the event of infection, may cause bacteremia, or sepsis, the harm to the fetus than antibiotics more harmful to the fetus via the placenta.

And dental painkillers and anesthetic, usually used so far are believed to be safe.So, if necessary, can be applied under the guidance of a doctor medicine.

To end the older generation "nursing can’t brush your teeth, as long as gargle" of science?

This is a wrong idea.Gargle can only be large pieces of food residue wash off, but attached on the surface of the teeth, dental plaque, including food particles and bacteria and their secretions, must rely on to clean brushing your teeth.If you don’t brush your teeth during nursing, it is easy to form gingivitis and dental calculus.If the formation of dental calculus, there’s no way to removed by brushing your teeth, must use the power of the ultrasonic oscillations can remove tooth.

A link to the

1. The Onions are helpful to protect teeth

According to reports in the German Rhine times, onion containing a thioether compounds, it could kill cause dental caries pathogens, in order to ensure the health of the teeth, but the only fly in the ointment is eat onion breath smells not good, but if you chew on some fresh parsley, makes the unpleasant smell.

2. Research and development of British and American experts against tooth decay

British and American scientific researchers are developing a caries vaccine.The vaccine can induce the body’s immune system to produce antibodies, kills teeth adhesion of bacteria enzyme, let the saliva to wash away the bacteria, is not easy to make teeth caries decayed.

3. Passive smoking was susceptible to tooth decay

The pediatric medical experts study found, often passive smoking children prone to dental caries.The study shows that 2 ~ 5 years old the child’s parents if they don’t smoke, with the incidence of caries was only 10%, but there was a man smoking, then rose to about 50% incidence of dental caries.If both parents smoke, incidence of caries was up to 60%.


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