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D and talk about the treatment of periodontal disease

日期: 2016-01-26
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1. The treatment process

Deep periodontal disease treatments include: cleaning, cleaning, tooth root and periodontal surgery.The dentist will be according to the severity of periodontal disease in patients with different treatment.

2. The treatment aims to control and make periodontal pocket healing, but it must be patient to cooperate, to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

The results of the 3.

After treatment, bleeding gums is normal like now, if not stop bleeding gums, usable and clean gauze or a handkerchief press on the bleeding position for 15 minutes, to stop the bleeding.The dentist will give you a mouthwash, anti-inflammatory sterilization aims to relieve and reduce the bleeding gums and red and swollen like now.And because of the destruction of periodontal disease, gum after treatment in a contraction, in originally between teeth triangular tooth flesh position will show a black void.Already affected by gum disease and loose teeth and loose may be more obvious after treatment, patients with only maintain good mouth cavity health (such as using the effective method of brushing your teeth and use dental floss), to control periodontal disease, in order to avoid further destroyed periodontal tissue.Loose teeth after the treatment, some special dental materials available behind the teeth retainer (splinting), role in reducing the degree of loose and reduce patient discomfort or pain.But it is also an increase in bacteria, therefore, more should pay attention to double mouth cavity health.If patients cannot maintain good mouth cavity health, tooth flesh will once again be the bacteria of periodontal disease is caused by scale membrane velum or tooth erosion.Therefore, patients must cooperate with us, in periodontal disease should be regularly check and follow-up after treatment.Before periodontal surgery treatment, the dentist to explain the surgery and after treatment in patients with instructions.And after the treatment, gum or facial may feel discomfort, pain, swelling, etc., using mouthwashes containing chlorhexidine ingredients and taking painkillers can reduce this like now.As in the wound with continuous bleeding after the surgery, the patient can be pressed in sterile gauze in bleeding place twenty minutes, if uncontrolled bleeding, please to our clinic, stitches in this case there is a need, for stitches, take out stitches can be after a week.Patients must cooperate with the dentist, periodontal disease not only depend on us to heal, and more need you prepare your oral care in the home, use the effective method of brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, use dental floss before brushing your teeth every night, it can effective prevention and treatment of periodontal disease.Because of that you have 24 hours of periodontal disease oral bacteria follow you, just by deep cleaning, cleaning, root or periodontal surgery, is useless.Constantly affected by gum disease and damage of patients, it is necessary to repeat the periodontal disease treatment.But if the patient’s teeth and periodontal tissue has been extremely serious damage, has come to the point where "hopeless", we only have these teeth pulled out.To other treatments such as dentures with activity, fixed bridge or (plant), etc.

4. Follow up the treatment of gum disease may need to accept more than one course of treatment and should be regularly visit.Patients with periodontal disease can cure or not in addition to depend on itself by the severity of periodontal disease damage, most important is to be able to maintain good oral care, prevention and treatment of periodontal disease.


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