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Americans believe that the tooth is a symbol of civilization

日期: 2016-01-26
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Arrived in the United States, I heard someone say: "Now the Chinese people to the United States did not seem to make any difference from the wear and Americans, but there is a little different as it seems, is to the teeth." His words made me sound very harsh, with my teeth had assembled was not good, and the lack of renovation. So retorted:. "You it is old almanac, and now Chinese people attach great importance to dental and oral health care, I was in Guangzhou would often visit the dentist," That being said, it should also recognize the Americans in dental and oral health indeed doing better.

An avenue did not come out more than a dozen heads on a number of dental clinics.

In Los Angeles, I consciously observed while driving, an avenue not come to head out on a few dozen dental clinic.

No wonder people say, dental clinics in the United States much more than medical clinics. By a friend, I walked into a dental clinic, a clinic not want to see people pour a lot of teeth, and must make an appointment. Is there are so many people sick teeth? And so I’m looking for a doctor who, after the time, before we know, "Americans do not have to wait to see a doctor before dental pain, not because the teeth on the dental clinic was sick, they come to scaling, straightening teeth, doing oral health , half wash your teeth are very common and normal. "

Americans love the teeth had formed a kind of culture. They always clean the teeth and oral hygiene is an important part as a symbol of civilization and instrumentation. In communication, especially in the higher end of the occasion, do not clean the teeth will be looked down upon, bad breath is considered not speak more politely. Teeth are not clean, fresh mouth does not even affect the employment.

It is said that in the United States, if someone lost a tooth, even if no matter how busy things and then the emergency, it must first dental clinic to somehow say. For many middle-class families more, children from birth began to pay attention to oral hygiene, from deciduous began caring care. Qi and other dental change, they note immediately corrected, cleaning, whitening. Usually adults with children, a man went to the dentist do care.

Pulling a tooth to be $ 200, up to $ 100 a tooth hole

The first dental clinic , your dentist will first have to take photos of each tooth , usually to shoot dozens , the coexistence of the case on file . Dental many people , but not necessarily cheap. Wash your teeth cheapest they have to tens of dollars , usually between 100-300 U.S. dollars , for the first time of course more expensive. Pulling a tooth to be $ 200 , up to $ 100 a hole . If you need to treat tooth nerve problem , it would need thousands of dollars .

In addition to scaling dentist , orthodontist , dental and other services , as well as teeth whitening business. In the clinic , I saw a clear plastic like roads , like the doctor said, it is attached to the tooth whitening , posted twice a day , the effect is obvious. It is said that this is just one of many whitening approaches . Some people like the teeth at night , according to his doctor recommended to buy your model size braces . If you like to play basketball , football or other sports , the doctor will recommend that you take another braces , dental protection . In the United States , although many dentists , fees not low, but because people can not do without a dentist , dentist so well respected , they are both Dr. Gu Kedi , but also a customer advisor , maintained close ties between doctors and patients . Customers busy to worry about forgetting the dentist to the clinic , usually older remind customers tell him ( her ) appointment time .

Round body with a pointed end of the toothbrush, bristles, soft, and the electric.

For a long time, Americans are consciously and unconsciously develop good oral hygiene habits, they brush their teeth and toothpaste selection and usage are very particular about. Because each person’s teeth, gums and oral situation is different, they usually follow the dentist advice, buy for their own use toothbrush. In American stores, all kinds of toothbrush, a superb collection of beautiful things, round body shape has pointed, (like the Chinese bottle brush like), hard hair, fur, style and complete function. And don’t say ordinary toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes have only dozens of. A friend told me, because he most often not to brush teeth, and produced some dental problems, the dentist suggested he use an electric toothbrush can be nourishing water to wash. Ask him where to water the toothbrush, he said with a pipe can be connected with a water tap. The doctor advised him to use a toothbrush. And for his wife, because of gingival more easily hurt, the dentist suggested that she use a soft bristled toothbrush. Toothpaste is the same, choose to use the recommended by doctors according to the different teeth. This is why in America Hotel, do not usually one of the reasons for the guests with a toothbrush, toothpaste, because everyone uses their own fixed toothbrush toothpaste. As for the toothbrush use period, the general requirements of the toothbrush three months to replace a must, because it is prone to bacteria.

The tooth is an important aspect of oral health, and health care products for cleaning oral hygiene is also very much, with sterilization, disinfection, deodorization mouthwash slobber variety, easy to use and universal, many hotel although not equipped with a toothbrush and toothpaste but equipped with mouthwash slobber. Chewing gum is the most Americans prefer oral cleaning products, in the supermarket checkout, filled with all kinds of brand and the taste of chewing gum, so customers before then picked two boxes. There are liquid oral spray, for oral disinfection deodorizing effect is quick and good.

Dental and oral health related to the whole body health

Americans on the teeth and oral health attention, in addition to the above mentioned traditional habits and cultural background, but also because of the teeth and oral cavity and the health of the body has a direct relationship.


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