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Implant health mouthpiece

日期: 2016-01-26
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The teeth can be said to be one of the most important partner in life, from learning to speak to the infinite twilight, long teeth accompany us through or frustrated or proud.

Overeating, sour, sweet, bitter, hot, hot and cold cross...... We squandered youth also hurt his teeth, until the pessimism, with toothache distress and face food helpless, just know how important it is for dental health and joy of life.

"The teeth have no disease" is not equal to the oral health

In fact, from a deeper level, oral health is not just a simple "teeth have no disease", function (chewing, swallowing and speech) so simple, it also contains the psychological aspect (normal appearance, does not affect the self-esteem, personal satisfaction), social (does not affect the social significance of communication).

The numerous living beings, life does not just mean "alive", but also means living quality, namely, the quality of life.

Oral health make people fully chewing, enjoy the delicious food, get enough nutrition; oral health makes clear, express their own wishes, free to communicate with people; oral health to enhance self-confidence, show ego adequately in the social arena; oral health can avoid and reduce the occurrence of "focal infection" and diabetes, stomach, low birth weight and other diseases. So the oral health make people live healthier, happier, more longevity.

Recommended "four good habits of protecting to you"

Maintenance of oral health, improve health, improve the quality of life is the common pursuit of the goal, but also an important task of preventive oral health care workers. Oral health is an important part of systemic health.

Recommendation: simple and effective "four dental habit", i.e.:

Through the "sooner or later to use fluoride toothpaste to clean and protect teeth";

"Regular oral examination" to understand oral problems, do good precaution work;

Through the "eat sweets and sugary drinks" to balance the oral pH value, prevent tooth decay;

Finally, you can also through "snacks after chewing sugar free gum" to stimulate the secretion of saliva, dental plaque to buffer PH values to reach mothproof and consolidation of teeth.

The four reinforcing good habits is the most simple and protecting mode, allows you to easily achieve good protecting effect, fully enjoy a higher quality of life.


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