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From the United States - beyond cold light whitening

日期: 2016-01-26
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Q: my teeth are suitable for cold light whitening?

A: in fact every person wants to have white teeth can enjoy BEYOND cold light teeth whitening treatment of surprise effect.This includes general external pigment teeth (coffee, tea, YanZi deposition) light poison in tetracycline teeth, dental fluorosis, drug-induced discolored teeth, genetic yellow teeth.

Q: can my teeth more white?

A: clinical trials showed that cold light tooth whitening technology, its effect can be improved 5-14 VITA levels.Everyone will be effect according to its original teeth color and personal circumstances, eventually you will have a bright white teeth.

Q: whitening effect can maintain how long?

A: keep the length of time due to personal eating habits and tooth structure and different, generally keep two years or so.

Q: what are the advantages compared with those of other whitening?

A: the technology from the United States, its advantage is to achieve the whitening immediate effect, without any side effects, no damage to teeth, whitening effect is the most ideal.

Q: how long does it take the whitening process?

A: as long as 30 to 40 minutes, after years of tooth staining is the magic swept away.Spend time with your hair, manicure or afternoon tea time or shorter, so simple.

Q: is it safe?

Answer: BEYOND cold light tooth whitening technology is absolutely safe.Low temperature cold light, completely avoid the operation of the discomfort of tooth nerve, hydrophilic drugs and no contact the whitening process of gums, teeth will not cause any damage.

Q: my teeth whitening only need one?

A: most people, one treatment can achieve satisfactory effect.For individual teeth color is deeper, need more than one treatment.On the basis of the last whitening effect can have certain enhancement.

Q: will pain?

A: in general, BEYOND cold light tooth whitening technology will not cause pain.Only a handful of people may be slight discomfort after treatment, in a short period of time can disappear.Advice within 24 hours after treatment to avoid hot or cold drinks.

Q: after finish to pay attention to?

Answer: within 24 hours after treatment, the teeth and non-ferrous material easily, must avoid drinking tea, coffee, cola drinks, red wine, berries, non-ferrous mouthwash and dark food to eat, try to avoid smoking.

Q: is this whitening method of Ann is not safe?

Answer: Beyond cold light tooth whitening technology is absolutely safe.Low temperature cold light, completely avoid the operating process of tooth nerve stimulation caused discomfort, hydrophilic drugs and no contact gum whitening process, and not cause any damage to teeth and enamel.

Q: the porcelain or cover will have effect?

Answer: all of the whitening method for KaoCiYa or cover and done root canal treated teeth would have very good effect, please consult a dentist in order to get the best treatment plan


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