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Scientifically, correctly select children toothbrush toothpaste

日期: 2016-01-26
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Every parents hope their children have a healthy teeth.But in real life, some children no correct understanding to brush your teeth, not form a good habit of brushing your teeth, many parents have very good method, even wrong, his understanding of brushing your teeth.Insurance experts say, want to let children have healthy teeth, parents should learn to help your child choose toothbrush toothpaste scientifically and brushing method.

The China youth and children research center assistant researcher said Zhao Xia teenage children, according to the oral health requirements, to choose arrangement of sparse, pore space is larger, about 20 holes, two or three rows of the health care toothbrush as well.Can not to brush a head too much, in the mouth can turn freely, brush is too thick and hard.Can choose the bristles quality, fine grinding, grinding tip round brush, that can be plugged into his teeth, and reduce the damage of gum.And after brushing my teeth, tooth brush also relatively easy to rinse.

Zhao Xia special warn that science brushing the best number and time to follow the principle of "three, three, three", namely brushing your teeth three times a day, every time you brush your teeth after 3 minutes after the meal, and brush your teeth every 2 ~ 3 minutes.Time is too long or aggressive brushing your teeth can increase the likelihood of damage teeth protective film instead.Therefore suggested that time not more than three minutes of brushing your teeth, strength should be 150 grams left and right sides, like the weight of an orange.

In addition, scientific, meet the requirements of the oral health care brushing method is vertical brush method, namely along the direction to brush his teeth.First brush the surface of the teeth, the tooth brush and tooth surface Angle of 45 degrees oblique and light pressure on the teeth and gums junction, do the rotation of the small arc, gently on the teeth brush, down from a gum in discharge brush teeth from the gum up.The second brush teeth inside and outside.With the correct Angle and brushing your teeth clean action on the medial and lateral of the mandibular teeth.Brush the inside of the front teeth, tooth brush to clean teeth.The brush surfaces of the toothbrush head maojian tea, in bite of food rotation movement on the surface of teeth.The benefits of using this method to brush your teeth are basically just bite your teeth, teeth on the inside and outside, on the retention of food residue bond scrub clean.

His experts also warned that in high fluoride areas, unfavorable choose fluoride toothpaste, low fluorine areas can be appropriately choose a fluoride toothpaste.If holiday children at home, not just eat three meals on time, so also suggests to rinse your mouth every time after eating or brushing your teeth, brush your teeth can not at this time to choose toothpaste, clear water to brush your teeth, mainly for the mouth clean


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