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Under the gums, you start to wash?

日期: 2016-01-26
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Everyone wants to have a healthy, pink gums and teeth is white.But at present, our country although the prevention of tooth decay very seriously, but focus on periodontal disease is lower.According to relevant data statistics, about 95% of the Chinese people with periodontal disease, caused by periodontal disease proportion of tooth caused by dental caries tooth proportion is much higher.Visible, periodontal health is the foundation of the dental health.

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people will keep teeth healthy through cleaning.However, the current domestic popularization of ultrasonic cleaning, washed only to the surface of the gum, does not address the following about gums teeth fundamental part of health.Abroad, gum is on cleaning scraping the cure of the key steps.

Complete cleaning process should include three steps: ultrasonic cleaning, polishing, under the gum.

And a complete cleaning treatment should be: the first week of shooting, cleaning, polishing (30 to 40 minutes).Among them, children, tooth decay, high-risk groups need to bite after finishing fruit gel reinforcement protection, improve the ability of resistance to tooth decay.

In the second week, according to the result of filmmaking and the probe detection of handle, to determine the position of the teeth, and then start from hygienist under manual gum:

Taken according to different tooth bit using different instruments:

Taken according to the different situation of patients, the need to manually under the condition of surface anesthesia or local anesthesia blow:

End points time cure, 8 or 16 per time under the tooth gum cure, eight need 30 minutes, interval between each blow for a week or two

Tew teeth cleaning process:

1, attached to the gum and gum of stones, infection has spread to periodontal fiber and alveolar bone.

2, ultrasonic clean governance + manual clean governance, removing gum on large stones, pigment and gingiva.

3, under the gum and root surface smooth, removing gum under small stones and make the root surface smooth level off.

4, small plaque pigment sandblast removing tooth surface, the fine polished, complete cure.


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