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Why do the teeth yellow?

日期: 2016-01-26
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Yellow teeth are sick, the teeth cut open, profile has three layers of organization, the outermost is enamel, vary from person to person, slight discrepancy, because everyone at different levels of calcification, some white teeth, some is light yellow, it is health.

There are many yellow teeth is sick.General is due to:

1, health factors: the teeth in the process of development because of poor nutrition or borne disease, can make teeth calcification is affected, the teeth yellow and crispy.

2, water quality factors: in some areas, especially in some mountainous area, because high-fluorine water, excessive drinking fluorine teeth yellow, and not one or two teeth, is full of yellow teeth.Fluoride has the effect of methods, so the people who are not easy caries (tooth decay).

3, drug factors: now most people know that the tetracycline class of drugs may lead to the occurrence of yellow teeth, especially in children (5 years old) before taking effect.

4, health habits: some people do not pay attention to oral hygiene, no habit of brushing your teeth, tooth surface accumulation layer of food residue, soft dirt, plaque, YanZi, tea, etc.The "yellow teeth" is not itself yellow teeth, do not pay attention to oral hygiene.

Yellow teeth treatment: in addition to pay attention to hygiene, brush properly, want to go to the hospital to do teeth bleaching, there are several teeth bleaching agent, the effect is good, but most of the higher cost;Light curing treatment, a covered a layer of the tooth surface and tooth color similar to that of resin, and then use a special kind of light, it is beautiful, convenient, efficient and cost less, but slightly less strong degree;Conditional KaoCiYa can do, it is best to PFM cover, which can achieve real ones, is the ideal repair method, the disadvantage is that to grind teeth, except the part is expensive.If a poor dental hygiene can go to the hospital for cleaning (cleaning), will have very good effect, of course, is no substitute for brushing your teeth.


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