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What reason is grind their teeth at night?

日期: 2016-01-26
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Sleep are habitual molars have unconscious or conscious molar habit called bruxism.Night bruxism etiology is unclear, now thought to be associated with mental, emotional, source sex, systematic, professional, spontaneous, and other factors.

1, oral have said tension function, mental factors in patients with mood, such as fear, anger, hostility, conflict, especially anxiety, if for some reason can’t show, trying to ease by grinding inner depression, these patients tooth contact time is long, and frequent.These mental factors may be one of the important factors that cause teeth grinding.2, tooth factors among individuals nervous any tooth interference may be bruxism trigger;Patients with bruxism and factors for more central relationship do not tally with the middle splint, and the lateral tooth contact earlier non-working side of right;And the method of tooth clinical part also successfully cured bruxism.Dental occlusion is one of the important factors of oral health, but whether to cause bruxism is controversial;Right period bite jaw relations disorder, cause chew muscle movement disorders, twitch and contraction;3 there are trends that molar, central nervous mechanism like sleepwalking, enuresis, nightmare is a kind of involuntary subconscious action, is part of the brain in sleep wake symptoms, associated with mood during the day sleep disorders of the central source sex, by internal or external, psychological or physiological sleep disturbances to stimulate triggered.4, all other factors associated with parasites of gastrointestinal disorders, child nutrition deficiency, blood sugar and blood calcium concentration, endocrine disorders, such as allergy can be of bruxism.In some cases there are genetic factors.Another disease of grow in quantity of uric acid, hyperthyroidism, allergies, such as bladder stress may have relationship with bruxism.5, occupational factors qi car drivers, athletes, the high accuracy required to work such as clocks and watches, all tend to happen grinding disease.

Is the most serious harm night molar biting and night.The children night molar.Bruxism although temporarily won’t feel any pain, but go down for a long time, can cause tooth tooth surface and adjacent to the serious wear and tear, and concurrently the above symptoms, intractable bruxism could lead to periodontal tissue destruction, loose teeth, or shift, gums, alveolar bone loss.We also grind teeth to chew food during the day, but few damage to teeth, this is because, as you chew food between upper and lower teeth like a cushion, but also full of saliva, make teeth smooth, so it is not easy to wear.In looks at the dinner table to chew for a long time, but most of the time is on the up and down, real teeth contact someone directly studied only 4 minutes.If the grind their teeth at night, the situation is very different, neither food inside the mouth, the mouth of the secretion is reduced, the teeth can not get the necessary lubrication, to form a "dry grinding", really like push empty grind.Tooth wear is so big, the result is quite serious, the wear of teeth tend to have different application of capric acid or pain, sometimes also can cause the temporomandibular joint function disorder, fang blending system for ruining the morphology and function.It can cause masticatory muscle dysfunction, such as chewing muscles function hyperfunction, cramps, fatigue, pain, etc.Imbalance of muscle contraction, and teeth an exception, vertical height change, plate location relationship between the jaw disorder, also directly affect the normal morphology and function of TMJ, show the temporomandibular joints pain, joint ring, the symptom such as limited mouth opening.Pain is oppressive and blunt, especially when in the morning.Night molar will influence others sleep.

Prevention and control;When a lighter don’t do processing, pay attention to rest.Eliminate pathogenic factors of psychological treatment, the teeth close, treatment of systemic disease associated with the onset of bruxism, etc.Avoid excessive excited to play during the day.Before going to bed let mental relaxation, stimulating the TV.To a hospital checking intestinal parasitic diseases (peristalsis of the parasite to stimulate the nerve, cause nerve reflection effect, and molar) under the guidance of a doctor insect repellent.Refractory cases do jaw pad system, put on before sleep.Can prevent the abrasion of teeth directly.Such not only can make the night molar, and can get better rest, to work, study, the body is good.


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