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What are the structure of the periodontal tissue?

日期: 2016-01-26
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Periodontal tissue is made up of the periodontal ligament, alveolar bone and gum (commonly known as YaHua meat) of three parts, its main function is to support the teeth, fixed, and nutrition.

Periodontal membrane it is a kind of dense fibrous tissue, end into cementum, alveolar bone are connected at one end, and is, in fact, teeth with periodontal membrane was suspended in the alveolar socket, can make teeth firmly fixed in the alveolar bone socket, has certain elasticity, and is advantageous to the buffer on the teeth chewing force.

Alveolar bone it surrounded around the root of the protuberant part of jaw bone, the formation of alveolar sockets, root upright which makes teeth and alveolar bone tightly together, not loose, easy to chew.

Gum which is covered on the surface of alveolar bone, encircled the tooth neck, an arc edge, the gum a wedge between the two teeth, known as the gingival papilla.Normal gum for pink, toughening, micro elastic, so can chew pressure, friction resistance food.

Dental pulp nerve, blood vessels, hole through the apex and the alveolar bone and periodontal membrane of blood vessels, nerve.Nutrients through blood supply pulp, nutrition teeth, so close to the teeth and periodontal tissue.


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