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The cautions of orthodontic treatment

日期: 2016-01-26
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After register patient to orthodontics family visits;After the doctor examination, diagnosis, accepts, you can begin to orthodontic treatment.The need for a series of preparation before treatment.As such as tooth jaws model, exchanges, pat X-ray localizer, liver function tests, etc.Doctors according to the model analysis, X thrum shadow measurement results of the data to determine the diagnosis, treatment plan.For complex cases, experts and professors for consultation, please.Before orthodontic treatment, treatment must also be within the oral cavity teeth, periodontal disease, such as treatment of dental caries and clean my teeth.

Orthodontic treatment of course is longer, the general is 1 一2 years.To visit regularly, he fixed his treatments once every 3 a 4 week visit, activities and correcting visit once every 2 weeks.Therefore, patients should have the full mental preparation, not to rush, should avoid to fall by the wayside.Patients after wear and correcting device, in strict accordance with the doctor’s orders to do, actively cooperate with the doctor, so as to ensure the efficacy of treatment.Parents want to do a good job of education and help.Patients and their parents to trust to the doctor, have the confidence to treatment, and these are conducive to treatment.Patients after wear and correcting device, there will be a mild pain, acid bilges, such as uncomfortable feeling, to the rectification device also don’t adapt to, this is normal phenomenon.Need some time to adapt to the process.During treatments, to eat have a certain degree of influence.Pay attention to the food cannot eat hard, sticky, front teeth have no direct bite hard food, treatments to prevent damage to the device.Malocclusion during maintain good oral health is very important, because the orthodontic treatment of teeth and periodontal disease resistance, poor oral hygiene can cause tooth and periodontal more easily than normal risk of dental caries, gingivitis, etc.So must adhere to morning and evening and carefully brush my teeth after meals.Fixed appliance, in particular, would not have been easy to clean, when brushing your teeth every time must be clean thoroughly, unable to cope with job, huddle.Activities and correcting device to scrub clean every day, or a long time will have peculiar smell.Child is still growing, treatments and limits the intake of some food, so the children during treatments to appropriately increase nutrition.


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