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The best time to 10-14 orthodontic teeth

日期: 2016-01-26
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7th grade students found a school, two students in the class maomao and all teeth are installed with fine wire sample device, feel very strange.Originally, because they were a teeth arrangement is not straight, because a teeth appear "bag day", is undergoing a dentist of orthodontic treatment on them.

Brush teeth every day, the tooth and what disease?

Some children, some parents think that, even as long as adhere to brush my teeth, and will have a healthy and beautiful white teeth.It’s not.Teeth in the process of eruption, under the influence of various factors, the possible arrangement not neat or abnormal position between the upper and lower jaw.These phenomena are collectively referred to as teeth micromaxillary deformity in oral medicine.

What is the harm teeth micromaxillary deformity?

Teeth micromaxillary deformity can be divided into three categories.One kind is tooth displacement, such as a two teeth in dental arch position offset or reverse, such as "teeth".The second type of teeth and dental arch form arrangement is not harmonious, such as dental arch is too wide or too narrow, teeth sparse or crowded.The third kind is between the upper and lower teeth occlusal abnormalities, such as front teeth after shrinkage, commonly known as "bag day".

Teeth micromaxillary deformity not only affect beautiful, still affect chewing, is not conducive to digestion, psychological also causes a certain pressure on the patients, because some deformities affect pronunciation and language communication.So, children teeth micromaxillary deformity, parents should take him to hospital as early as possible.

Bad living habits can cause teeth micromaxillary deformity

Some teeth micromaxillary deformity associated with bad living habits.Some children at the age of three or four, for example, when sleeping also cannot leave the pacifier;When some children have no matter to love with the tongue to the top teeth or chew his nails and a pencil;Some children like to use a side to chew food, etc.

How to conduct orthodontic treatment?

Correct these bad habits, can achieve the purpose of orthodontic teeth micromaxillary deformity children under the age of five.Some deformities caused by poor muscle movement, under the guidance of muscle function training.But if a child has relatively large, teeth micromaxillary deformity has obviously, teeth orthodontic treatment.Teeth orthodontic treatment is the best treatment of age 10 to 14 years old, during the treatment, the time is short, good curative effect.Older you get, the longer the time needed for orthodontic treatment, treatment is relatively difficult, some still need surgery.

There are two main types of treatment.One way is to use activities or treatments of the fixed control subjects.Maomao and treatments of the all wear is fixed.Currently widely used in clinic effect of fixed appliance is better.Another way is to surgery.For adult patients with the jaw bone deformity, the serious influence face, need to adopt surgical method for correction.


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