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How to correctly use dental floss?

日期: 2016-01-26
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Correct use dental floss your teeth can remove tooth brush is not easy to achieve, such as under the gum line and area between teeth, to remove tartar very well and food residue.We strongly advocated use dental floss your teeth every day, and this will prevent tartar very well accumulation, prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

To be the most efficient use dental floss to prevent dental disease, use dental floss your teeth is to pay attention to the following aspects:

• 18 cm long floss, floss ends a long part around the middle finger, intermediate obligate 1 to 2 cm to teeth.

The thumb and index finger tighten dental floss, and then gently pull back and forth between the teeth.

• gently the floss around the root, and pushed below the gum line.Do not overexert, so as not to damage the soft gum tissue.

• do not use the same period of different tooth flossing.

• take out the floss method similar to the method of teeth, the floss gently pull back and forth, slowly take out from between his teeth.

What type of dental floss should I use?

Selection of dental floss has two kinds:

Nylon (also called compound fiber) dental floss

Ptfe (single fiber) dental floss

Nylon floss with waxy and contains no wax, and there are many flavors to choose from.Because this kind of dental floss is made up of many thin nylon, especially in a tight teeth easily break or split ends.Single fiber (ptfe) floss price is higher, but in activity between teeth more freely, even in the teeth of tighter will not split ends.As long as the correct use, two kinds of dental floss can effectively remove tartar very well and food residue.


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