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What is there inside the mouth?

Want to know why the cavities, you should know about the naturally occurring substance in the mouth.Exist in oral cavity includes:

• saliva - saliva moistens the mouth and teeth.Although we are "phlegm" this thing has been dismissed, but the ordinary liquid is very important, help to protect our oral health.Saliva can keep teeth and other oral tissue moist, rinse after eating at food residual dross, make the acidity remain at low levels in oral cavity;At the same time, saliva contains immunoglobulin and other important immune substances, can resist the invasion of viruses and bacteria.

Calcified membrane - portions of the saliva protein (glycoprotein) absorbed by the tooth surface.Thus on the teeth form a very thin layer of transparent film, called "acquired calcification membrane".Calcification film after brushing your teeth will immediately begin to form, a few minutes, you will notice the teeth on the slippery feeling.Protect teeth from acid calcification membrane, prevent tooth decay.However, calcification of membrane is also the first choice for bacteria and other organisms to grow, can lead to tartar very well.

• tartar very well - tartar very well is the chief culprit of oral health problems.Tartar very well is a kind of soft and sticky material, adhesion on the teeth, a bit like jam sticks on the spoon.In fact, tartar very well, because, native bacteria, mycoplasma bacteria, yeast and virus etc. Together, forming gel as organic matter.In the mixture also contain bacteria by-products, white blood cells, food particles and dead tissue.Tartar very well will increase as bacteria, this is because the bacteria reproduce in tartar very well, or when the bacteria by-products and food residue accumulation.Immediately after the clean teeth, tartar very well begin to form.After about an hour, tartar very well can be increased to quite severe levels, and tartar very well fully formed need seven days or so.As the tartar very well fully formed, more and more kinds of microbes, tartar very well thickening, gum inflammation.The formation of tooth crown above the gum tartar very well known as "tartar very well on gum";And below the gum formation of tartar very well known as "tartar very well under the gum.

•dental calculus - if not deal with for a long time, tartar very well start mineralization harden and become a stone, also known as a tartar.Saliva of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals will dissolve into tartar very well, the formation of crystal material, make the hardened tartar very well.Tartar very well within 24 hours to mineralization in the 12 to 20 days completely harden and become my teeth.Then, in the original will form new plaque tartar very well, and also new tartar very well layer calcification.As a result, my teeth is usually stratified.

• bacteria - there are all kinds of different inner mouth bacteria.Some of them are beneficial bacteria, is far more damaging for helping to suppress bacteria breeding.When it comes to tooth decay, mostly by turn sugar caused by streptococcus pneumoniae.The bacteria is easy to stick on the teeth, produce many acid.As for another kind of common bacteria can produce acid, lactic acid bacteria, harmfulness is smaller, because it can stick on the tartar very well, and can’t stick in the tooth itself.The third kind of bacteria, actinomyces, also is the main reason that cause tooth decay.Other bacteria can also lead to periodontal disease, including gum porphyrin, intermediate shooter bacterium bacterium and bacteroides’s blessing.

How is the tooth decay

If you don’t eat anything, brush your teeth twice a day, is never rot teeth.But once the food into his mouth, the teeth will begin to suffer.

In a clean mouth, immediately after brushing teeth will form a layer of calcification film.Calcified membrane is a is the thin layer of transparent membrane, is made up of certain proteins in salia.Soon, microbes adhesion on the calcification of membrane, and at the beginning of the formation of tartar very well.

At this point, the oral tissue and tartar very well the pH value is about 6.2 to 7.0.PH is a measure of acidity, from 1 to 14.When the pH value is equal to 7, which indicates that material belongs to completely neutral, neither acidic nor alkaline.If the value is low, said to acidic materials;And low value, material to alkaline.Under normal circumstances, in the mouth of the pH value between 6.2 to 7.0, close to neutral, teeth won’t hurt.If pH value has dropped below 5.5, the gum above is covered with enamel will start to take off mine, that is to say, some minerals will be lost in the tooth enamel, enamel began to rot.If the pH value between 5.5 to 6.0, acid will start to destroy the root under the gum line.

So how is oral become acidic?This is because the sugar into the body through the mouth.This is not just candy, and ice cream.All the carbohydrates, in the process of digestion by human body, in the end will be broken down into simple sugars, such as glucose, fructose, maltose and lactose.Some digestive process is in the mouth with saliva digestive enzymes.The food in the mouth is broken down into simple sugars called fermentable carbohydrates.Including the obvious sugary foods, such as cookies, cakes, soft drinks and candy;But bread, biscuits, bananas, potato chips and breakfast cereals also belong to this.

Digestion in oral cavity.Produced in the process of digestion of sugar used by bacteria, and formation of acidic by-products.These acidic pH value decreased, cause the mouth began to dissolve a tooth within the crystalline minerals.

Teeth pH less than 5.5, the longer the greater the damage will be.Therefore, viscosity larger carbohydrates for teeth acid damage is more serious.For the edges and cracks more teeth, such as molar, residual food easily, it is easier to form cavities.In addition, every time eat fermentable carbohydrates, the pH value in the oral cavity in a few hours will be less than 5.5, the specific time according to every man the saliva pH value.Drink soda or coffee sweet all day, or eat a lot of carbohydrate snacks, almost always acidity in the mouth.

Like sugar, what’s worse, the bacteria to grow in the acidic conditions of bacteria will continue.So eat sugar, the more the greater the acid of oral, the more bacteria in the mouth.As bacteria grow, when eating sugar produced by the acid will be more.This vicious cycle will only make you tooth hurts more and more serious.


Tooth decay types and phases

Teeth started by acid dissolution, will appear white spot on the tooth enamel.This area began to take off mine, enamel began to damage, internal teeth begin to appear.At this stage, the tooth can be mine, again using the minerals in the saliva, repair the damaged parts.But if the decay continue, cause the enamel surface is damaged, cannot be repaired.At this time of cavities in clean and repair must be carried out by the dentist.If not handled, teeth will continue to decay.Tooth decay will erode tooth enamel, dentine damage, and ultimately hurt the pulp.

For a child, just grow soon tooth enamel is weak, very easy because acid to form cavities.So often in children and adolescents with acute tooth decay, can lead to rapid damaged enamel.The cavities can be direct enamel, within a few months the teeth will appear a big hole.

The elderly chronic caries appears sometimes when tooth decay, does not seem to increase or deteriorate slower.Teeth color is deeper, because ordinary diet can make teeth edge become dirty.

Compared with the young, the elderly of root caries is more common, for several reasons.Because the perennial or brush your teeth with periodontal disease, the elderly gums are likely to have been degraded.The risk of tooth decay is also higher.Older people are more prone to dry mouth, dry mouth disease), increase the risk of tooth decay.

Recurrent caries is in dental implants, or other repair (e.g., dental crowns) under the form of tooth decay.Sometimes, if padding put undeserved, filling cracks, or padding and leaves a gap between teeth, tooth would be easy to residual bacteria and food residue.

Prevent tooth decay

To prevent tooth decay, can take two measures, reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth, at the same time to strengthen the protection of the teeth.

Although the bacteria in the mouth can’t completely clear, but still some measures can greatly reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth, such as brushing your teeth regularly, use dental floss your teeth every day, every year to the dentist or dental health experts to make a thorough cleaning and inspection, at the same time reduce the consume fermentable carbohydrates daily and the frequency of sugary drinks.

Use of certain prescription gargle can also reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth, to help prevent tooth decay.Chewing sugarless gum, especially those who contain xylitol chewing gum, can increase saliva flow, and saliva has antibacterial properties, so can help prevent tooth decay.

Now, to protect the teeth is damaged, treatment because of the early cavities caused by acidic substances, best method is to use fluoride.Fluoride can enter the inside teeth, supply the missing of minerals, repair because the acid damaged parts, so as to consolidate the teeth.Dental sealants can form a protective layer over the fragile molars and premolars, prevent bacteria and acid adhesion on the teeth to chew the hole.Usually good nutrition can make the ph to maintain at a high level of saliva, protect teeth from acid, and minerals for mining process again.


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