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The story of the formation of dental caries

日期: 2016-01-26
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The story of the formation of dental caries

Healthy teeth

Enamel is covered on the outside of the teeth the hard layer of crystal.Dentine is located just below the enamel more soft layer material.Dental pulp interior contains nerves and blood vessels, is considered to be active part of the tooth.

White spot

Bacteria contact with sugar or carbohydrate can produce acid, acid can damage to crystalline substance on the surface of the teeth.This process is known as demineralization process.The first is the powdery white spot.At this stage, the cavities can be treated.At home or at the dentists use fluoride, can help the tooth to repair itself.

Enamel decay

Emineralization process will continue.Enamel began to decay.After the tooth enamel surface damage, the teeth can no longer repair itself.At this time of cavities in clean and repair must be carried out by the dentist.

Tooth decay quality

Rot extends to the dentine site, spreading, damage the tooth enamel.

The pulp is damaged

If tooth decay without treatment, it will direct the pulp distribution the nerves and blood vessels.Infected pulp.Will appear in soft tissue abscesses (swelling), or a tooth fistula (gum surface cracks) phenomenon.


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