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Matters needing attention before tooth extraction

日期: 2016-01-26
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Matters needing attention before tooth extraction

1 pre extraction not fasting, should be selected in the 8:00-----15:00, and the day before should rest well, pay attention to relax.. should actively inform individual health to the doctor

2 pay attention to the following several disease taboo tooth:

(1) of heart disease: ① occurred within 6 months of heart disease. The unstable angina pectoris or recent. ③ congestive heart failure. The uncontrolled irregular heartbeat. The obvious uncontrolled hypertension

(2) of congenital heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, and these diseases. For the prevention of postoperative patients with subacute bacterial endocarditis occurred before and after the operation, antibiotics should be given

(3) hypertension: blood pressure higher than 180/100mmhg, should be treated

(4) diabetes: uncontrolled diabetes can cause because after tooth extraction wound infection, wound healing is also affected. Blood glucose should be lower than 9mmol/L, and no acid poisoning symptoms can be extracted before and after operation, given antibiotics to prevent infection

(5) hyperthyroidism: pull pressure can lead to thyroid crisis. Must extraction, basal metabolism should be controlled below +20, pulse is not more than 100 beats per minute, before and after the operation to take anti infection measures. Without the use of epinephrine during local

(6) the other diseases in Department of internal medicine, such as nephritis, hepatitis, blood disease patients before and after operation, we should take various measures

(7) gestation tooth, should be selected during the 4,5,6 months pregnant for operation safety

(8) acute inflammation of the teeth, can effectively control the inflammation after removal, and in the operation after the oral administration of antibiotics to prevent infection


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