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Information after tooth extraction

日期: 2016-01-26
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Information after tooth extraction

A cotton ball or gauze, tooth place lap please bite tight, gently spit out in 30 minutes.

Two, two hours after the tooth, can eat, on the day of surgery should eat the food of warm cool, soft, not overheat and drinking, and avoid using tooth side of chewing.

Three, pulled a tooth in the day can’t gargle (brush) the next day, brushing your teeth don’t picky touch, tongue licking and sucking repeatedly wound, prevent wound infection and hemorrhage.

Four, within 2 days after tooth extraction, can have a small amount of blood or saliva is a bit bloody, this is normal phenomenon, please do not worry, no spitting, often suck on abdomen, more do not rinse your mouth with water.Such as saliva contains more blood or blood clots, don’t panic, please immediately to the hospital inspection, hemostatic, can use first clean cotton or gauze on the wound on, in order to avoid bleeding on the way to continue.

Five, the complex of supernumerary postoperative common phenomenon such as swelling, pain, mouth hard, generally improved in 3-5 days, if you have any abnormal please visit.

The seams of the six, tooth pulled about 5 days after surgery.

Seven, if there is any inconvenience, but telephone counseling.

Pulling up complicated dental patients guidelines

Complex teeth (including embedded teeth, maxillary teeth, tooth, dead pulp teeth, etc.) is pulling exodontia in more complex, large trauma, postoperative local reactions and complications of heavier dental surgery, tooth intraoperative and postoperative may appear the following situations:

1, intraoperative root fracture, according to particular case surgery remove or retain observation, sometimes need to pull out secondary surgery.

2, postoperative bleeding, need to exclude or oral maxillofacial hemangioma lesions of the blood, need to use of hemostatic drugs or surgical suture, in hospital or blood transfusions when necessary.

3, postoperative days appear facial swelling, limited openings, swallowing pain must promptly to the hospital to review, such as symptomatic treatment, which can be employed to special circumstances, the symptoms of sustainable for a long time.

4, postoperative infection, dry chamfer disease, regular treatment, the treatment such as antibiotic.

Sometimes 5, postoperative side lower lip numbness or tongue hemp, duration, give medication, physical therapy, etc.

6, after maxillary teeth and maxillary sinus approach, chance take root root into the maxillary sinus surgery, remove the root for domestic maxillary sinus fistula after repair.

7, other operation accidents such as damage to adjacent teeth, adjacent tissue and complications, symptomatic treatment.


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