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What kind of teeth need to correct?

日期: 2016-01-26
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What kind of teeth need to correct?

Correction can solve the problem of teeth is beautiful, also can solve the oral function.With the improvement of living standards people to the health of teeth and beautiful and gradually increase the understanding, increase of requirement of orthodontic patients.But there are still a part of the parents think the teeth micromaxillary deformity is born, the teeth can have a meal to go, rectify don’t correct it doesn’t matter, actually this is a very wrong idea.

First of all, the teeth are not neat, when brushing your teeth is not easy to clean, keep the food residue lingering on the edge between teeth, gums, prone to caries (tooth decay), gingivitis (gum bleeding), etc.In addition, the dislocation of teeth bite is not normal, often cause the teeth and periodontal tissue trauma, such as the temporomandibular joint disease.Some teeth micromaxillary deformity such as open and close, close, lock, can reduce the chewing function;Opening and closing of front teeth, such as front teeth sparse affects normal phonation.Teeth are not neat appearance, make some people shy away from yan smile or can hide your face and smile, serious teeth micromaxillary deformity will be laughed at, make the person produces self-abased psychology, also affect career, social, affect mental health.Occlusal teeth micromaxillary deformity makes fluctuation tooth is bad, affect the eating, chewing function to drop, increase gastrointestinal burden, affect the body health.Some teeth micromaxillary deformity such as close to package (day), not timely correction, will affect maxillary growth, cause central surface dysplasia, thus aggravating the facial deformity.So children exist teeth micromaxillary deformity must be correct, give the child a neat, beautiful, healthy teeth at the same time, also give a child confidence.


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